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Do you have a dining room and what is in it?

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bluestripysocks · 05/07/2014 11:32

I am going to re-vamp the dining room and need some ideas!
It's a modernish house ( 25 yrs old) and the room is small- about 10 x 12.
At the moment it has a large modern oak / ash table and chairs centrally. I also have a piano which will go to DC when they get their own bigger place ( currently renting), a small sideboard and a small bookcase.

The sideboard and bookcase are pine but I don't like them now so they are going.

Question is- wondering if it's necessary to have a sideboard at all? It houses the 'best' china, and some wine glasses but they are rarely used - we just don't entertain now or have family near enough to use this stuff often. At a pinch I might be able to store it in the kitchen.

I'm wondering what could replace the sideboard and bookcase to give a surface for a nice lamp, a few ceramics and photos.

Bear in mind there is only about 2.5 feet of space either side of the table.

I like minimalist modern-ish wooden furniture.

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r2d2ismyidealman · 06/07/2014 12:14

We have a dining room but we don't have people over for dinner often enough and I really wanted a sewing room. So we downsized to a portable/extendable table and chairs that can be stowed. When we have company I just put my things to one side.

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