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Accessorise my bedroom for me please! Laura Ashley Heligan theme.

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Fullyswindonian · 22/04/2014 20:32

Double bedroom with two windows.

Laura Ashley Heligan natural curtains.
Dark wood bed.
Dark wood compact chiffonier.
White louvre cupboards (Bleah) built all across one wall floor to ceiling.
Cream carpet.

No ceiling light or table lamp yet.

I just can't do the generic canvas wall art from Argos and wicker hearts and candles thing. How else do I accessorise my bedroom with this colour scheme??

The curtains are a very light natural background with white and light sage green accents.

I can't go too mad as it's a rented house.

I prefer a minimal look.

Any ideas on knick knacks warmly welcomed! The bedroom just looks so cold and uninviting at the moment :(

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KiaOraOAotearoa · 22/04/2014 21:11

Mine is almost spartan, it's ALL white, including bedding, bar a watercolour on the wall and a white and blue Delfi china bowl by the bed for jewellery and a vase with fresh flowers.

But: pick a colour from the curtain and get a bedspread in that colour.
Put a plant here and there?
Blow tour budget on a really cool lamp?

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KiaOraOAotearoa · 22/04/2014 21:15

You got a homesense near you? Take a pic of the curtains and see what you find?

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