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where can I buy a windbreak

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meysey · 15/08/2005 13:40

Help I need a windbreak! Was going to get one from Argos but it turns out I had an old catalogue and they don't do them anymore.

I live in London, any ideas for Central London (close to work)? Don't think there are any Milletts type places left near home or work.

OP posts:

robinia · 15/08/2005 14:17

If you need it for the beach I'd just buy it at a beach shop. We weren't able to find one locally but there were plenty at the seaside. If not for the beach then a trip there may be necessary.


SaintGeorge · 15/08/2005 14:25

Some on E-bay


Aero · 15/08/2005 14:26

Any respectable seaside shop should have them.


meysey · 16/08/2005 15:16

fingers crossed. we are going to a very small place and I think there may only be one small shop.

OP posts:

rupertewmvw · 09/04/2013 16:24

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

noramum · 09/04/2013 19:49

There are lots of outdoor shops around Covent Garden.


AnnoyingOrange · 09/04/2013 19:54

OP was looking in 2005

Hope she's found one by now

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