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Chester Zoo

16 replies

mumtosomeone · 15/08/2005 08:08

Thats tomorrows day out! So whats your tips for a good day? Taking a picnic, but how expensive are the cafes if I want to indulge?!

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mumtosomeone · 15/08/2005 09:19


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moondog · 15/08/2005 09:24

A couple of years since I went,but it's a good day out (dd loved the elephants) and I remember the cafes were overpriced,as they generally are.
Have a good time!


mumtosomeone · 15/08/2005 09:28

looking forward to it!
Its for ds's birthday..his choice!

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mancmum · 15/08/2005 09:39

cafe's were horrible and overpriced and overcrowded... chips with everything type of thing... my kids loved it and I was surprised at how much I did.... hope you have a good day and a picnic!!


mumtosomeone · 15/08/2005 09:42

Big picnic needed I think!!!

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cardy · 15/08/2005 09:44

Great day out but the cafe is a bit not great and all these type of places. I would say take a picnic especially as the weather is supposes to be nice.


Nemo1977 · 15/08/2005 10:19

its a great day out but agree with others about the cafe....we usually take picnic and then maybe buy some chips to top it up etc. Am sure you will love it


bosscat · 15/08/2005 10:26

agree with all the rest. the zoo is fantastic, i couldn't believe how much better it was than london zoo. not a cheap day out but really good quality. the cafe is not great, just chips, pizza and processed nuggets. take your own food, there's loads of places to eat.


mumtosomeone · 15/08/2005 10:43

thanks then!
Do you think my 2and a half will manage to walk all day!! he is a good walker, or should I take double buggy? Is it accesable with a double? Can use it for picnic stuff if he walks I guess!!

OP posts:

bosscat · 15/08/2005 11:05

I'd take the double buggy its a pretty big place. But my 3 and a half year old says "my legs are broken" if he has to walk more than half a minute so it might be better for you!


cardy · 15/08/2005 11:11

I would take the double buggy, it is a big place and easily accessable with a double buggy. I did that last summer with my 3yo and 6mth old.


Chandra · 15/08/2005 11:13

I loved the place, we had a great time. Forget about the food being over priced... £14 per adult entrance fee? and the animals don't even sing!


mumtosomeone · 15/08/2005 17:30

do they dance though?!!!!
Dont mention price there are 2 adults and 5 kids!!! at least we dont pay for little ones.. I hope!!!

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Chandra · 15/08/2005 19:51, children from 3 to 15 pay £10.50, though you can get a family pass (2+2) for £47.50
Under 3s are free though, Oh and they charge you a "voluntary" fee of 1.00 to support their Orangutans...

Have I sepnt too much time visiting houses of the National Trust that I find the zoo's fees so expoensive? just wondering...


mumtosomeone · 17/08/2005 07:02

had a nice day..although seems alot of the animals must have been on hols!!!
It was very warm and very tireing!!!

OP posts:

Polgara2 · 19/08/2005 22:18

Oh we were at Chester Zoo on Tuesday too - we could have been stood next to you and we'll never know!!! Entrance fees very expensive aren't they - you can just ask them to knock off that 'voluntary' contribution though it is up to you surely. Think the monorail fee should be included in the price tho - cost us another 6 pound to go on that as well. Children absolutely love the place so we've become members so we can go ALL THE TIME!!! (Am I mad do you think )

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