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luxury hotel in cheshire anyone?

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jenk1 · 13/08/2005 22:39

want to go away with dh for 1 night not too far so cheshire would be best for us, looking for something around knutsford,wilmslow area but cant seem to find anything on net,luxury hotel is what we really want but hard to find anything-anyone any ideas?

OP posts:
Polgara2 · 13/08/2005 23:17

How about Mottram Hall (if this works! \link{})

mogwai · 14/08/2005 14:22

nunsmere hall looks very nice. It's on the A49 nearer chester than knutsford.

you could always try the Lowry in Manchester - lovely, and the breakfast is something else.

there's the chester grosvenor too, that looks very posh!

mogwai · 14/08/2005 14:24

oh what about rookery hall near nantwich? went to a wedding there, it was lovely

mancmum · 14/08/2005 14:42

I stayed at nunsmere with DH for a night a couple of years ago lovely but the restaurant at night was very stuffy no laughing allowed, very posh -- lovely food but not very relaxing if you know what I mean...

jenk1 · 14/08/2005 16:06

the cottons looks nice as well has anyone stayed there?

OP posts:
Gobbledigook · 14/08/2005 16:07

Nope, but Brooklyn Beckham had his birthday party there!

Mottram Hall is lovely.

LG · 14/08/2005 16:18

I used to live in Alderley Edge and can recommend the alderley edge hotel, but Mottram does have more facilities (swimming pool plus golf course) Shrigley hall Hotel is lovely too.

whimsy · 14/08/2005 16:33

Mottram Hall is lovely.

moondog · 14/08/2005 16:35

Grosvenor in Chester is very nice.

fairyfly · 14/08/2005 16:38

Ethrop Grange

fairyfly · 14/08/2005 16:39


lapsedrunner · 14/08/2005 17:23

Carden Park, but it is 7 years since I went there. I would also go with Moondog & say the Grosvenore in Chester.

fairyfly · 14/08/2005 17:24

but chester is full of twats

moondog · 14/08/2005 18:17

My boarding school was wall-to-wall Chester and Wirral girls. Some were very nice.
Know what you mean though!

jenk1 · 15/08/2005 10:29

went for a drive round knutsford last night with dh, called in cottons hotel-very nice-very posh, also tried to call in a hotel call belleepoque-thinks thats what its called but it was shut, has anyone been there/heard of it before?

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jenk1 · 15/08/2005 12:52


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katierocket · 15/08/2005 12:53

belleepoque is gorgeous but I always thought it was just a restaurant. Mottram Hall is much nicer than Cottons.

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