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Ideas for our big once in 10yr hoilday.

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Skribble · 12/08/2005 23:55

We never get away during the summer due to work comitments, DH managed to book the first 2 weeks in April off. None of the euro camps open until 8th so struggling for ideas on a holiday for 2+2 fortnight under £1000.

Not into med resorts or sunbathing type thing, not desperate for warmth but DH doesn't want to have to wear fleeces and thermals like on last holidays were in yorkshire and west coast of Ireland.

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Aimsmum · 12/08/2005 23:58

Message withdrawn

Fimbo · 13/08/2005 00:00

Amsterdam (but kind of similar weather to here)

Skribble · 13/08/2005 00:01

Walking, cycling, sailing and lazing about. Like to explore old towns and a bit of sightseeing. Kids are 5 and 8 and liked visiting Paris just as much if not more than DLP so are quite cultured, not looking for kids clubs although maybe a few activities if vagualy exciting not just bingo or colouring in.

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Gillian76 · 13/08/2005 00:02

Center parcs have sites in France, Belgium and Holland. Not sure what price it would be then.

Fimbo · 13/08/2005 00:04

My friend has just been here here and loved it. The villa she stayed in had a playroom with toys for the kids.

Skribble · 13/08/2005 00:04

Did fancy Barcelona, not sure where to stay for 14 nights. DH wants to drive down through europe. I,m not so sure, mostly the long drive down through England thats putting me off that, not as relaxing as I had in mind but I would enjoy seeing different places but want to chill out too.

Find me a bargain fo Barcelona and it might win him over.

OP posts:
Skribble · 13/08/2005 00:05

Sorry trying to keep up.

OP posts:
Skribble · 13/08/2005 00:07

Thanks Fimbo that looks good but I can't get prices for 2006. I will need to phone them.

OP posts:
jampots · 13/08/2005 00:08

a teacher friend rents his house in france out from this year. i could ask him

Aimsmum · 13/08/2005 00:09

Message withdrawn

Gillian76 · 13/08/2005 00:10

Assuming you are in Scotland (wanting to avoid long drive south) what about Rosyth - Zeebrugge crossing?

Skribble · 13/08/2005 00:30

Aimsmum, over budget but i will have a look.
Gillian, the longer crossings can be pricey I think and DH wants short crossing as his kind of sailing involves wet suits and sails.

I lik the look of this Tuscany Last years Prices put it at about £360 for 14 nights.

I can't remember the car hire website I found that had good prices and listed hire places allover the world. Any ideas.

OP posts:
Aimsmum · 13/08/2005 11:26

Message withdrawn

Gillian76 · 13/08/2005 11:54

Think there's a link to a car hire site from the MN home page?

Gillian76 · 13/08/2005 11:55

Yes, Holiday Autos Might be worth a try?

Skribble · 13/08/2005 22:04

Holiday autos thats the one thanks, just checked and it would be just over £300 so just ryan air flights on top of that.

OP posts:
Gillian76 · 14/08/2005 00:02

Ryanair are linked with Hertz for car hire. Might be worth checking out too.

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