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Its a hard old life...

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soapbox · 10/08/2005 12:57

Sitting overlooking the Indian Ocean in Mauritius, with an ice cold gin and tonic!!

Suite has a computer with broadband - can't even escape mumsnet on holiday

The children saw it and said in unison - 'No Mumsnet'!!

OP posts:

Easy · 10/08/2005 13:00

Oh, I feel sooooooooooo jealous

Enjoy it Soapbox


MarsLady · 10/08/2005 13:00

You didn't even invite me [sulking emoticon]

Have a fab holiday!


soapbox · 10/08/2005 13:08

Mars - had no room in the suitcase I'm afraid

Seem to have taken rather a lot of clothes and of course will end up wearing one fav pair of shorts and a swimsuit and packing all teh rest of it to take home unworn!

Am feeling a bit lost as teh children insisted on going to the children's club so DH and I are wondering around like Billy no mates Thought I should get my MN fix while they are out

OP posts:

suzywong · 10/08/2005 13:14

fantastic, what books did you take along

what are the other guests like, do us an online reportage


suzywong · 10/08/2005 13:20

clearly she's having her sunglasses buffed by a uniformed flunky and being asked if the glare from the ocean is too bright


oliveoil · 10/08/2005 13:24

Mauritius? Cold G&T? No children? Peace?

Nah, no thanks.


soapbox · 10/08/2005 13:26

Suzy - got half the bookshop with me!

I'm reading Small Island at the moment which is good.

Off the top of my head have Patricia Cormwall - Trece, Alan Hollinghurst - teh line of beauty, Alexander McCasll Smith, 44 Scotland Street, Joanne Harris Jigs and reels, Lionel Shriver, we need to talk about Kevin.

Otehr guests seem nice, mixture of French and Brits. Not many perfect figures thankfully so no need to feel too inadequate, plenty of cellulite, even on the French gals - so all that cream stuff can't possibly work!

A few honeymooners I think, but mostly parents with children. But more girls than boys!

Only first day so still finding our way around! I might even be brave and try waterskiing, but maybe that would be a bit rash[grin}, perhaps the glass bottomed boat might be more my thing

OP posts:

Tommy · 10/08/2005 13:58

How lovely


northernlass1 · 10/09/2005 11:13

Anyone been to Mauritius for October half term? We've been recommended Legends or the Beau Rivage. Are these good?


bluesky · 28/12/2005 21:34

Mark Warner are going to be opening in Mauritius in 2006.

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