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Long weekend in Barcelona - hotel ideas?

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fairy · 10/08/2005 00:04


I thought I may have found some recommendations already on here, but I can't find anything!

Here's the story, it is our 10th wedding anniversary this year, and we never went on a honeymoon, so I have decided to go to Barcelona for 3/4 nights over our anniversary, which is the start of December. This is going to be a suprise for DH as well!

I don't want to spend a fortune, up to £300 each including flights, but I want to stay somewhere nice and classy with style. Does anyone out there have any ideas?

Thanks in advance, oh and there will be no children with us, MIL has stepped in!

OP posts:
sparkly · 10/08/2005 08:27

We went to Barcelona and stayed in this hotel here which was really nice and quite reasonably priced.

It was close to everything and had a good restaurant and bar.

Caribbeanqueen · 10/08/2005 08:54

We stayed here.

Very central, good location.

acnebride · 10/08/2005 08:58

I was recommended the Hotel Gaudi as very good by a friend of mine who travels a lot, plus it's v central. I didn't stay there - long story - but at the Hotel Silken which was fine but a bit of a way out of the centre and not cheap.

fairy · 15/09/2005 11:00


Well I have almost made my mind up, I'm thinking about booking Hotel Claris, which is quite pricey, however it has to be special!

Has anyone stayed here, and also I'm thinking of booking directly with the hotel, and booking my own flights, this way I will save about £100, does anyone recommend booking the seprately, or is a package from a company a better idea.

Many thanks in advance

OP posts:
mancmum · 15/09/2005 11:25

my mate stayed at Claris and loved it they had a room with a jazuzzi and did not leave for 24 hours... I stayed at teh Hotel Arts which is stunning (and stunningly expensive) but is on the beach as has great views of beach and city - there are fab restaurants on the beach --- recommned both highly!!

mancmum · 15/09/2005 11:25

also book separately -- saves money!!

ajmum · 15/09/2005 11:56

I stayed at the Claris in Nov 2003 (with DH) when about four months pregnant with DD. It's got a great location (Eixample district) and I'd stay there again - it's near the top shops and good restaurants and is a short walk from key Gaudi sites (Sagrada Familia and La Pedrera). We got a basic room, but it was still a nice, pre-baby treat.

The Arts hotel is stunning looking (and I think more expensive), but its location is a bit out of the way IMO. The Claris feels more in the 'middle of things' because it's in an upmarket residential area.

Nice restaurants are Tragaluz (a v short walk from the Claris) and La Venta (near Tibidabo - about a 15-min taxi ride from the centre). I've eaten in both on two separate trips and both meals were great. Both of these restaurants are mentioned on the TimeOut site.

If you or DH like football, a match is fun to go to. At weekends the games tend to be at about 5.30 on a Sunday so you can catch a match before going out for the night. Then again, it may be a bit chilly in December!

I love Barcelona - so I am very jealous. Have fun.

fairy · 15/09/2005 14:38

Thanks very much, both of you.

I need to book it now!

OP posts:
fairy · 16/09/2005 11:05

Booked it all, scared and excited! We have never been abroad together, I feel like a kid!

Thanks again

OP posts:
Wordsmith · 16/09/2005 11:33

Went to Barcelona in '98 (before kids). Can't remember our hotel but all I can say is:


It is the most fabulous city in Europe.

orangina · 16/09/2005 11:51

La Venta, lovely restaurant, good for a romantic anniversary type meal! Enjoy, am v jealous, just love barcelona....

bluesky · 16/09/2005 16:34

We are off there too this autumn, hope you have a great time fairy.

Anybody have a top 3 of things you must do/see in Barcelona. (without kids!) Ta.

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