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Carseat - outgrowing them

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Kmg · 22/07/2001 20:12

At what age or height, did your child stop using a car seat?

My son is 4, and he is tall (110 cm). Our rear car seat does not have headrests, and if sat in his car seat, or simply on the booster, his head/neck is at the height that he would have limited support, and therefore more whiplash injury. We therefore think he is safer without the booster. But if we sit him without a car seat or booster he isn't comfortable. His legs are not really long enough to sit comfortably without a booster. (We do have a seatbelt adjuster thing, that's not the problem).

The Concord carseat with adjustable headrest looks good, but I don't want to spend more money on carseats if he doesn't use them for long.

Any advice welcome!

OP posts:
Mooma · 23/07/2001 19:35

At that age, we found a seatbelt holder that keeps the belt away from the neck was the best solution. At least then the chest is restrained and the neck supported by the back of the seat.

Paula1 · 24/07/2001 08:55

Apparently, children are supposed to use booster seats until they are 10. That Concord one says that it is ideal for cars without headrests. (according to their advertising anyway), however, I was unable to find any stockists, I even sent them an e-mail from their website, but they didn't answer. I would see if you can find another type of carseat that does protect head and neck. I've got a Britax Javelin that seems to do the job pretty well.

Janh · 24/07/2001 10:44

kmg, there is a fairly cheap one in the littlewoods catalogue (less than £30 i think), made of polystyrene like booster seats, which has a very high back and a kind of bolster thing at the front with a flat top. it can also be used with a lap belt only.

my son used this from about 4 to about 6 - my car had a low seat back and no middle headrest so it was ideal although he didn't always appreciate it! he is tall too (but very skinny, a chubbier child might find the bolster thing a bit constricting but in any case it's really meant for a younger child.)

i have just checked and in fact there are 2 of this design; the cheaper one with the bolster in front (and no straps) is £32 and the dearer one which has shoulder straps is £50. but if you are a new customer you can often get £15 off your first order! they are photographed on a seat with a headrest and come nearly to the top of it. or phone 08457 55 22 11.

Janh · 24/07/2001 10:53

stop press: i went to the index part of the website and they have a seat the same as the bolster one, but without the bolster (which you probably wouldn't need anyway) for £20.50.
have a look!

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