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Packing List - CenterParcs

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Mae1 · 08/08/2005 13:03

Anyone been to Center Parcs (Oasis Whinfell)- what did you take with you? I'm trying to be prepared & put together a list of things I need (from tea bags to torches etc!)- can anyone give advice?
We're there for a week & have 2 kids (2 & 4).

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dyzzidi · 08/08/2005 13:16

TOrches, waterproof coats,

We found the room fully equipped to cook a meal in so would take whatever food you would normally cook at home. We personally take breakfast stuff for the week and buy sandwich stuff for lunch then eat out at the nighttime. We also took a cooked lasagne for the first night.

sarah33 · 08/08/2005 13:24

haven't been to Oasis Whinfell but have been to Sherwood Forest so imagine very similiar. First time we went I packed everything from coffee to bedguards, They are extremely well organised and you are able to hire bedguards, babygates, highchairs and cots, for the kids all I took was a potty and bedding for the cot. (my children are 1 & 3) The kitchen is really well equipped but you will need washing up liquid. There was a supermarket on site so could do all the shopping when you get there, just be aware that you need to transport it to your villa/apartment so we found it best to do the shopping as soon as we got there whilst we could still use the car. Take a torch for the evenings as some of the paths are not well lit. Also take a back pack useful if you intend hiring bikes. I also took extra towels as well. Hope that helps and have a good time. If you want any other advice just ask.

bluesky · 08/08/2005 13:57

bath mat for inside the bath so that they don't slip!

sis · 08/08/2005 14:01

insect repellent and some stuff to soothe skin if you do get bitten/stung (can you tell that we are not country people?!)

Eeek · 08/08/2005 14:03

swimming things in a separate bag so you can get there early and go for a swim before getting into your villa.

Polgara2 · 13/08/2005 23:36

Would reiterate waterproofs and a rucksack (in fact more than one!) we forgot and getting the shopping home (after the first initial shop whilst had car) was a beggar on a bike ! And you need to have something to carry camcorder or camera in if you intend using them. Cycle helmets for children. Oh and its quite hilly!!

SueW · 14/08/2005 00:06

Just back from Oasis Whinfell. Def rucksack and waterproofs. Very hilly. A loooong way from car park to cabin (we were in Meadow View) and it's worth remmebering that trek when you're shopping (we used Morrisons in Penrith, the butcher just off the square down the side of Thresher and the grocery store on the 'square' in Penrith. And Thresher

Book activties/treatments ASAP. We couldn't get children (8yo+) onto climbing, high ropes, quad bikes, pony trekking.

I took a torch but we never used it.

Mae1 · 15/08/2005 12:26

To SueW - we are staying in Meadow View - any tips / comments on the accommodation? We are staying in no 86 apparently (Exec Lodge Cumbrian Lodge). We go this Friday (19th). Did you use the Aqua Sana - any comments there?
Can you leave the complex if you wish (and use your car) - you mentioned using other supermarkets.
Thanks Mae1

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