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Travel highchairs - can you recommend one?

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Jodee · 19/07/2001 12:58

Hi all, I'm looking for a portable highchair with a tray that I can take with me when visiting distant relatives - already too much of a faff taking travel cot, etc. etc. without the bulky day to day highchair I use at home.
I've got one of those 'handbag highchairs' - the velcro type thing that wraps around baby and chair, which was fine when I was spoonfeeding, but 15 mo son is now trying to feed himself with gusto and something with a tray would be better, I feel.
I don't trust one of those screw on the table types, plus ds would be able to reach anything and everything on the table to throw forcefully to the floor (this is a great game at the moment).
Any suggestions please?

OP posts:
Bloss · 19/07/2001 13:11

Message withdrawn

Lizzer · 19/07/2001 13:15

Hi Jodee, I found the safety 1st booster seater brilliant (got it from Argos, about £20) I've had it since she was about 11 months, it is great. It folds up so you can fit in the car dead easy (even in the footwell of backseat as I've had to do when car was full),You can strap it to just about any shaped dining chair really securely, has removable tray so when he's older you can use it just as a booster seat, it has a safety strap, the tray clicks onto the seat and they can't get out so when it's just on the floor you don't need to strap them into it. Honestly I would say it is invaluable to me as we do a lot of visiting and during the week it stays at my Nana's house as she looks after her when I'm at work.

Lizzer · 19/07/2001 13:16

You just beat me to it Bloss!

Marina · 19/07/2001 13:36

Another vote for the Safety First, Jodee, it is quite simply brilliant.

Nmd · 19/07/2001 18:48

Definitely another vote for the safety first - wouldn't be prepared to eat at the aunts / grandparents without it

Nmd · 19/07/2001 18:48

Definitely another vote for the safety first - wouldn't be prepared to eat at the aunts / grandparents without it

Jodee · 19/07/2001 19:58

Thanks everyone! I shall definitely be getting it after so many recommendations - it may even replace my manky highchair which takes up so much space in my dining room.

OP posts:
Joe · 20/07/2001 10:20

I have been looking around at these for something for my son to sit in while we are at work, now I know which one to get.

Jodee · 23/07/2001 10:19

I dashed to Argos on Friday to buy one (21.49 pounds) as I was going away for the w/e and it was great, very easy to put together and ds loved sitting in it.

OP posts:
Bloss · 23/07/2001 11:20

Message withdrawn

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