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Holiday or loan?

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hercules · 04/08/2005 15:46

We've always planned to go to Sril Lanka for 3 weeks as DH is from there but have never been able to afford it and it isnt usually safe. However, we will have a chance to go next year if we save around 400-500 pounds a month. This money was meant to go towards paying off a loan we took on our mortgage to pay off credit cards.

Dh's parents are elderly and there may not be that many years we get to visit them in their home although they visit us every other year or so. Dh hasnt been home since he was 11 and really wants to go.

If we dont go we could instead put the money towards paying off our debt.

What would you do?

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hercules · 04/08/2005 16:34

None of the internet flight sites show prices even yet for next august.

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