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Day out with Thomas at Watercress Line

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honeypot01 · 04/08/2005 12:48

Anyone been? we're going in couple wks, have u got to get to Ropley station, or somewhere called Alton. is it any good? booked tyickets yesterday. advice please.

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patjoseb · 05/08/2005 12:23

Hello! I took my 3 boys aged 5, 3 and 18 months in March and they loved it. They are all mad Thomas fans, but even me and my partner had a fab day. We live in Wimbledon and we got a train to Surbiton and then got a train direct to Alton. Would definatley recommend, we are going again at the end of August. Have fun!

Tommy · 05/08/2005 12:45

We went in March too (didn't see you there patjoseb!)I would suggest going to Ropley where the big car park and the picnic area are. Also, that's where they do the main Thomas activities - like the races and rides on special trains. You can go back and forth between Alton and Alresford on the trains. We had a great time with my DSs (then aged 3 and a bit and 18m) and my nephew who is 16 - he loved it too! You can buy any Thomas merchandise you can think of but it's a bit pricey and IIRC the ice creams weren't up to much but, geberally, we had a really good day out and the DSs fell asleep within about a minute of driving away at the end! Have fun

Tommy · 05/08/2005 12:46

BTW, it's all signposted from the A31 if you are driving there - very easy to find.

honeypot01 · 05/08/2005 17:25

Thanks girls, we'll be driving, so to Ropley we go then i take it. Thanks, looks like be a good day!

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foxinsocks · 05/08/2005 19:14

we've been twice now - my tips are (if you have toddlers)

  • get there early (Ropley), preferrably as it opens so that they can catch the early rides on the brake van (pulled by Thomas), Diesel (they go up and down the platform)

  • it's not as organised as you might imagine - the main train that goes to Alton etc. has a timetable but a lot of the little rides (Thomas and Diesel) seem to start up whenever they can so be prepared to wait around and perhaps be disappointed because they have to stop every time a main train comes in - cue lots of crying toddlers! (which is why I say get there early!)

    -make sure you're up top to watch the races

    -bring your own food - there is a burger van and some sandwiches but the queues were long and the food pretty typical of what comes out of these burger van places
Lonelymum · 05/08/2005 19:29

I spent my wedding night in the hotel in Alresford next to the Watercress line station! Just thought I would share that with you!

pixel · 05/08/2005 22:42

We went to this last summer and it was a fantastic day out. There were lots of things going on the whole time (bouncy slide, puppet show, magician)which were all included in the price of the ticket so there was no chance of the kids getting bored in between races. I was surprised at how 'real' the engines looked iyswim. Thomas WAS Thomas, not just any old engine painted blue and the Fat Controller was very convincing. I would certainly recommend it. (and yes, take a picnic-good advice!).

Tommy · 05/08/2005 23:15

Pixel - you made me laugh. My 16 year old nephew (who came with me to "help" with DSs) got on to the platform and exclaimed "It really is Thomas...", took a picture of the train on his mobile and sent it to all his friends.....

TwinSetAndPearls · 05/08/2005 23:18

Is this the water cress line that was featured on gardeners world this evening?

Lonelymum · 06/08/2005 10:43

TSAP, didn't see Gardener's World last night, but I believe there is only one Watercress Line!

I remember going many moons ago to a Thomas day on the Bodmin line in Cornwall. I agree that the engines are realistic (though not necessarily the most famour ones, eg I remember Bill and Ben being there and ds1 had no idea who they were) but the comment about the realistic Fat Controller made me smile as the man playing him on the day we went was as skinny as a rake! They really couldn't have had any choice in who they used as he was the least like the FC you could imagine!

honeypot01 · 20/08/2005 09:27

did anyone on here go to this this yr?? what a load of rubbish riding on old trains back n forth n u cant even ride on thomas but hety - wait u can have a pic taken on James!!

my mum sent email to complain, and they replied next day sending a full refund. It was dirty and sooty and not child friendly at all, u see Thomas at 3pm, wen u been there since 10am doing races but cant get on him which is what ds wanted to do all day! I certainly wouldnt recommend to anyone.

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