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What's the difference between Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express then?

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Polgara2 · 02/08/2005 20:50

Does anyone know? Apart from the fact that the express one is cheaper I mean . Will the price difference mean I'm missing out on essentials or luxuries do you think? Has anyone stayed at a Holiday Inn Express?
Thanks in advance!

OP posts:

jane313 · 02/08/2005 20:56

I have. It was really clean new and spacious. (had a double bed and a sofa bed) Breakfast is included, its a cold buffet but quite a big choice. They are more like nicer travellodges than proper hotels; ie no facilities or restaurants, but usually near a restaurant I think.


Tinker · 02/08/2005 21:00

Holiday Inn Expresses are fine. Clean, spacious and reasonable.


Surfermum · 02/08/2005 21:02

I've stayed at the Taunton one. It was no different to the Holiday Inn I've stayed at in terms of the room. As far as I could tell the Holiday Inn just had more facillities, like a leisure club, restaurant and cooked breakfast!


Polgara2 · 04/08/2005 23:08

Oops sorry not had chance to reply. So are they better than travelodges then? Where do you eat the free breakfast then if there's no restaurant?

OP posts:

CountessDracula · 04/08/2005 23:08

one is horrible the other is really really horrible


spidermama · 04/08/2005 23:11

According to my dh (who knows these things) the difference is EVERYTHING. The Holiday Inn is better for comfort, quality, size, decent food, extras (gyms,saunas etc), attentive staff ... everything really.

Holiday Inn Express has none of the above.
For Holiday Inn Express read 'Travel Inn'.


Tinker · 04/08/2005 23:24

Depends how many nights you're staying in one really.


jane313 · 05/08/2005 11:07

Its much nicer than a travelodge, never been to a travel inn. In the one I went to there was a big area with tables, sofas etc. and the breakfast was there. It depends what you want. Obviously a hotel has lots of facitilites but then it costs a lot more. Its more like a motel; for a one or 2 night stop over not an actual holiday or luxurious break.


Polgara2 · 05/08/2005 17:17

Oh I don't know what to do now!!! All I want is an overnight stay for the 4 of us, can't afford too much but don't want cheapo accommodation so thats why I thought of Holiday Inn or Travelodge, plus the children would be able to eat free

OP posts:

Polgara2 · 06/08/2005 17:56

So for an overnight stopoff do you think it would be ok?

OP posts:

jane313 · 06/08/2005 17:58

yes more than ok

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