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thorpe park and chessington

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Mog · 02/07/2003 17:07

Could anyone tell me if these theme parks would be suitable and have enough to do for a 2 year old for the day.

OP posts:
Bumblelion · 02/07/2003 17:16

Have not been to Thorpe Park but my children have (aged 10 and 6) and I think Thorpe Park is more for the "older child".

Have been to Chessington with all three children (10, 6 and 1) but I don't think it is really 100% suitable for a child of 2 - would say 5 is giving it a bit of a push, older children definitely enjoy it more - more rides suitable for them, etc. although there is still the little zoo at Chessington (monkeys, lions, etc.).

I think Lego Land is a bit more suitable as there are the models, etc. to look at as well.

I have always found places like Godstone Farm to be more suitable for small children as they seem to like the animals, soft play area, etc. and I find the older children enjoy the theme parks more.

Just my personal opinion though.

lou33 · 02/07/2003 17:36

Agree with Bumblelion. there are smaller rides for younger children, but mainly for at least 5+. Legoland is a better option if you want a theme park. Dh and I have made a conscious decision not to go to those places again. My lot get so hyped up that however much you spend it's never enough and they always leave the parks in tears. Beaches, no options but sand and buckets, picnics etc, always leaves them tired but happy, so we do more of that stuff now.

Mog · 03/07/2003 13:06

Thank you both - confirmed what I felt in that dd is probably too young to get much out of theses places at the moment (although I'm not!)

OP posts:
breeze · 06/07/2003 11:27

have you ever thought of Paultons Park, they are mainly catered for young children. Its only £12.50 per adult and children under a meter are free. Ds loves it so much we have got a season ticket.

lisalisa · 07/07/2003 14:37

Message withdrawn

Dixie · 08/07/2003 23:54

I agree too. I took my two year old there in may & his dad took him there again just last week (we're seperated & neither of us thought to tell the other what we had planned...)on my day he loved it, we went with a small group of friends & so we had great fun on the adult rides too. But it depends what sort of child you have really. Mines a bit of a dare devil so it was totally his thing & he adored the water rides & watching mummy get soaked (he got wet too but only a little as i got him a child puncho)

soothepoo · 09/07/2003 00:17

If you live near a Gullivers Theme Park they are fantastic for toddlers. A group of us went to the Milton Keynes one recently and all the children (all nearly 3 years old) had a brilliant time. There were only a couple of rides they couldn't go on and the site is small enough for them to walk around without getting too tired. My only gripe was that the food was appalling - the worst kind of cheap kids' crap they could get away with without calling it swill. So I would take a picnic next time.

lisalisa · 10/07/2003 17:01

Message withdrawn

lou33 · 10/07/2003 21:04

I used to live near Gulliver's in Milton Keynes, my youngsters loved it too, but I agree the food is atrocious. It's good because it really only caters up to the age of 13, so no hordes of monosyllabic foul mouthed teenagers who have never heard of queueing there.

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