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cadbury world

10 replies

jenk1 · 30/07/2005 12:55

thinking of taking kids-anyone been?

OP posts:
charliecat · 30/07/2005 12:58

theres a previous thread here to browse while your waiting

happymerryberries · 30/07/2005 13:00

I have been, it was good, you can book tickets in advance which avoids queuing

tiffini · 30/07/2005 13:00

Does anyone know how much the entrance fee is??

happymerryberries · 30/07/2005 13:03
cadbury · 30/07/2005 13:30
mumtosomeone · 04/08/2005 16:56

was about to post this question!
What do you all think.
Quite expensive ie it worth the money?

bonkerz · 04/08/2005 17:23

im going next friday!! Am so excited! More than the kids!

bluesky · 04/08/2005 17:27

you get LOADS of free chocolate!

Tommy · 04/08/2005 18:04

I've been a couple of times - once with loads of kids on a school trip and once with no children and just 2 girl friends - it was GREAT both times but much betterwithout any children
I'm just waiting for my DSs to grow up a little bit so I can take them

mumtosomeone · 05/08/2005 07:25

seen charlie and th c f. now want to see the real thing!!!

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