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san agostino - Mark Warner

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janinlondon · 02/07/2003 11:17

Any reports on Mark Warner's new resort in San Agostino? All info gratefully received!

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janinlondon · 10/07/2003 16:29

Anto? I'm sure you said your friends would be back by now? Any reports on the new resort please?

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anto · 16/07/2003 14:38

Hi Janinlondon

Sorry about not posting seriously sleep deprived at mo courtesy of dd2 so am a bit all over the place.

Well, the feedback was very positive. The only criticisms were that it definitely isn't a luxurious resort - Four Seasons it ain't - quite basic Greek-style accommodation but with air-conditioned rooms. Club was quite attractive and all new, so in good nick and all freshly painted etc.

Apparently the room was a family room and the door opened straight into the twin-bedded kids room so they ended up having to put their 2 in the adults room with double bed (which had the bathroom off it) or wake them up every time they came in at night. Food was fine and other people generally fine too. The flight out was hideous as at 6am with 4am check-in so had to leave home at 2am - come on Mark Warner, you are supposed to be family friendly! But the transfers etc all worked very smoothly and the return flight was at a more civilized hour.

They absolutely raved about the childcare and said the standard was fantastic - loving staff, loads of excellent facilities, great equipment. The nannies were great but they could see the turnover was going to be quite high - the season had only just started but a couple of the nannies had quit already and were being replaced. Long hours and not great pay, I guess. They weren't too happy about the baby listening service - staff patrol every 15 mins then post your name on a blackboard in the restaurant if your kids are crying so you have to keep checking the board and also there's always that nagging anxiety that your kid might start crying 1 min after the patrol and have got really upset by the time they pass again in 15/20 mins. So they ended up getting a babysitter for quite a few evenings as were worried their 3-yr-old would wake up and be scared all alone in the room.

Basically they said it was a really relaxing holiday with lots of time to lie by pool knowing kids were well-looked-after. She wasn't too keen on putting her 8-month-old into the baby club every day but was glad she'd booked it as it was SO HOT even tho' early June and the nursery was lovely and air-conditioned. Said she didn't know what she'd have done with him if she hadn't booked him in - would have had to have spent lots of time in the room as too hot for babies outside, even in the shade.

AFter they'd raved about the holiday and said they'd def. go again I rang Mark Warner and and enquired about the Corsican resort (shortest flight and not as hot in August as Greece) but all the family suites have gone for this year so we would all 4 had to have shared a room with 3-yr-old on Z-bed and baby in travel cot. The advisor said they weren't that big so it would be quite a squeeze.

Sales Advisor recommended Lakitira, I think - smaller Greek resort with Family Suites. But -wait for it - for a week going on 28th August the cost for the 4 of us was approx £3500 and I couldn't face paying that much when dd2 will still be waking at night and also it's still school hols so loads of older kids around. By the way, our friends were told by MW regulars that during school holidays the "Indy' Club for teenagers are quite rowdy and are allowed to drink so are noisy and annoying in the evenings!

We are definitely going to go next year in early June when dd2 is a better age and dd1 will love all the activities.

Any questions, just ask and I'll pass the question along.

SueW · 16/07/2003 16:15

anto, NCT are having a raffle to win a MW holiday for next year - value up to £4500. It's in Lakitira (Kos) though.

janinlondon · 18/07/2003 11:41

Thanks Anto - I was beginning to think it was so good you'd got on a plane yourself! From your report, the "posting the name on a board" thing is new to me. When we have been with MW before they've always come around the restaurant calling out the room number (parents hiding under tables and praying "please don't let it be ours". And in one of the resorts they even had nannies posted in each of the hallways, so checking was a whole lot better than every 15 mins. So that's the biggest surprise for me from your report. Everything else checks out. I have done the 2am check in to Kalamata airport as well, and although its a horror, the advantage was very sleepy kids the first night, and they got used to sleeping well in the room from day 1.Thanks so much for reporting back.(PS: The best MW deals are on their last minute website in June - sometimes much less than half price from what I've seen - maybe useful for next year?).

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