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Hotel in portsmouth anyone?

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lilibet · 30/06/2003 23:18

Question says it all really, we need a cheap room for five and Travel Lodge say they will only take four. B/f is sat at the side of me laughing at me for putting this on, says its just feeding my addiction and there must be easier/better/quicker ways to find a hotel, so don't let me down!!

OP posts:
codswallop · 01/07/2003 07:38

is there an Ibis there?

codswallop · 01/07/2003 07:40

yes ther is - dont know if they do big rooms though

Travel inn?

codswallop · 01/07/2003 07:41

theres one there too

hewlettsdaughter · 01/07/2003 11:17

You could try looking at the official website for visitors to Portsmouth or this website . You'll probably have to email/ring individual hotels to find out if they do big enough rooms though (you'd think you'd be able to search for suitable ones, wouldn't you!).

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