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anyone had any experience of lakes/mountains package hols?

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kiera · 21/07/2005 22:50

We are hoping for a late deal, could be Aug or Sept, for one week, I saw some good deals on in Austria. My one concern is, once dropped off at an Austrian village in the middle of the mountains, what do we do for the next 7 days? I mean I would enjoy the scenery and we could do a little walking although not far with J and he hates the backpack, but would that be it? Does anyone know of anyplace similar that would have a few more sightseeing opportunities eg
could be Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, even Scandinavia. But not Italy (Lake Garda etc). Can someone in the know give me some pointers?


OP posts:

Trifle · 22/07/2005 09:26

I spent one summer working in Zell am See in Austria and I have to say it was fabulous. The scenery was stunning and there was plenty to do although it has to be said that a fair amount of time was spent on excursions and generally it appeals to the older more mature client. Zell am See was a good base as it has a huge natural lake where you could do a variety of watersports. I hired a bike on several occasions and often used to go hiking up the mountains although I appreciate with a young child this might not be particularly suitable. The weather can be a bit hit and miss. When it is sunny it is fantastic but like a lot of resorts when it rains it can be pretty dull and, being in the mountains rain can almost be guaranteed at some point during the holiday. The standard of accommodation tends to be exceptional as does the food although Austria is very much a meat and two veg type of place and vegetarians were not particularly well catered for. I would be careful when choosing your resort. Make sure it is quite a large one with plenty of activities on offer and be prepared to budget for some excursions which may be a little more high brow than a child can cope with.


lapsedrunner · 22/07/2005 10:42

I live in Austria so am a bit biased but Trifle is right it is fabulous. We have just had a week in the mountains with our ds (2.10) and had a wonderful time. Even in July we had 2 days solid rain but it wasn't a problem. The larger hotels often have an indoor pool and most decent size resort have an indoor pool. Even small hotels often have a childrens indoor playroom plus the usual outdoor stuff.

We take a large 3 wheeler (stroller) which is great for off road use. Many resorts have decent walking trails that are ok for a rugged stroller, there is usually a gasthof (bar/cafe) round ever corner, often with a play area.

Have you considered going independently? Ryanair do cheap flights to Graz, Linz & Klagenfurt. Have a look at or Can personally recommend in Ramsau am Dachstein, we have been there twice this year! Austria tourist website is

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