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from carry cot to large push chair

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codswallop · 24/06/2003 17:18

Mams and papas type - how old are they - cant remember from last time/s

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codswallop · 24/06/2003 17:43


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wickedstepmother · 24/06/2003 18:25

How old are what ? The kids ?

If you mean what are the 'ages' set by M&P, then they say that thir carrycots can be used from birth to 9 months but I felt that this was bold claim as my not-overly-large DD grew out of hers in 3 months. Their pushchair seat units (the 2in1 or 3in1 types) are birth to 18 months. The Pliko is suitable from birth to 3 years. There hope that answered your Q....

codswallop · 24/06/2003 19:02

its the baby hes 13 weeks - wondererd if hed like the seat now..

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wickedstepmother · 24/06/2003 19:04

Hmm. Try him in it. They are suitable from birth so he should be fine.

codswallop · 24/06/2003 19:14

you would think i would know...

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codswallop · 24/06/2003 19:17

ps from birth ,my arse - his little head would have been lolling around. !!

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wickedstepmother · 24/06/2003 19:20

You can buy buggy headhuggers for newbies nowadays.

Take him 'round the block in the seat unit and see how he reacts before embarking on a 'major trip'.

codswallop · 24/06/2003 19:29

so wise and so young...
I shpould be giving you this advice!!

OP posts:
codswallop · 24/06/2003 19:30

ps was the nowadays said in an "oi grandma" kind of way?!!

OP posts:
wickedstepmother · 26/06/2003 15:08

OF COURSE NOT >said at high volume so Granny C can hear

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