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Holidays needed.

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jayzmummy · 06/07/2005 19:53

DH wants to buy a caravan!!!!

We had a motor home up until a few months ago. We sold it because we were cutting back on household expenses. I couldnt justify taxing, MOTing and insuring a vehicle we used only at the weekends.

We are really missing having the freedom to just disappear for weekends. The children loved our weekend adventures and are really missing them. Im fed up to that the weekends arent as much fun and I am finding that I am using the weekend to do the housework....children not happy

So DH suggested we buy a caravan. Ive found one that is very clean. Its from a reputable caravan dealer and will come with a service and valet.

It has no hot water...thats the only negative point I can think off.

It a 1990 caravan.....5 berth with full brand new awning, hob and gill, fridge, shower and built in loo and is for sale for £1,800.

I havent got a clue if thats a good price or not. Ive looked at several other caravans and it appears to be quite cheap compared to the prices of other caravans I have seen.

Any other caravanners out there??

I need to know a few things.

Roughly how much is it to insure a caravan and do you have to insure it to tow it on a public highway???

Do I have to notify my car insurance company that I am going to be towing a caravan???

Is it really difficult to tow a caravan??? DH will not be driving for a while and the boys want to go away as soon as we get the t will be me who drives...and I am scared!!!

Roughly how much is it to store a caravan whilst you are not using it???

Any pointers that I should look out for when viewing the caravan???


OP posts:

helsi · 06/07/2005 20:16

bump for JM


jayzmummy · 06/07/2005 20:48

Thanks helsi


OP posts:

milesysgirl · 07/07/2005 23:33

hi there jayzmummy ,we bought a caravan about a month ago we insured with a place called caravan guard ,for ours it was 110 pounds for the yr ,als that sounds a very good price for it also we rang our car insurers up to tell them we would be towing and they just said ok fine!!!! my dp towed the other week for the first time and he said it wasnt to bad just need to get used to it and not go over 50-60 mph max!!! we are taking it away for the first time in 2 weeks and i cant wait ..... keep me posted if u dont mind x


milesysgirl · 07/07/2005 23:35

meant to ask why no hot water?????? also at the my we r enquiring to keep it on a farmers field which he said would b about 150 pound for the year..........


anteater · 08/07/2005 00:26

Price a bit high but you will get a waranty? I bought a great 4 birth last week for £300 from an old guy who was giving up, could sell for around £1500.

Insurance will depend on where you are, where the caravan is kept, security devices etc and how many miles you plan to do..

No you do not need to inform your car insurer.
Towing is not hard. Where are you based?

We store caravans from between £30 and £50 per month, some areas are much cheaper tho.

The big thing to look for when buying a van is damp, look for internal staining around the corners.

Good Luck!


anteater · 08/07/2005 00:28

Oh, if you store in a CASSOA approved compound you will get around 20% of your insurance.

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