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Rome in Aug/Sept with 13 mo and 18 weeks pregnant - am I insane?

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sweetkitty · 01/07/2005 20:03

That's it basically, it's my 30th birthday in August and DP wants to take me away for a few days, we could go up North Scotland somewhere but DP and I have always wanted to go to Rome. Question is would we be mad to with a 13 month old and me being pregnant. I went to NY last year 27 weeks pregnant and was ok.

OP posts:
stitch · 01/07/2005 20:08

rome has very bad pavements. and no slope down to the road on the pavements they do have. i would suggest yo u buy, beg borrow or steal a pushchair with tyres. dont even think of trying to get away with a little travel one. it also needs to be something you r little one can sleep in comfortably..
other than that, comfy shoes are the ,ost important thing! have fun

celtic66 · 02/07/2005 12:53

We have been to Rome in August and prefer going in August as its the Hoilday season for Italians so most head out to the city.

Restaurants are usually busy but nice with Kids, Yes there are lots of cobbled streets, steps not great for pushchairs. If you are not committed to going all the tourist sights you will be ok

Mhamai · 02/07/2005 14:07

Hi Sweetkitty, I was in Rome in May with Ds4, oh do go, it's beautiful but as Stitch said Push chair and comfy shoes are a must! enjoy

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