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Butlins - bognor versus skegness (versus Minehead??)

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lunavix · 30/06/2005 11:17

Going to butlins in october but can't decide which. Bognor is the closest (by a minimum of an hour) and I've heard it has the most stuff there BUT skegness has a special pre-schoolers week the week we want to go which I think will be nice for ds, particualarly as it will be off-peak and I'm worried without an attrraction like this it might be quite quiet.

Any ideas? A friend wants to come and bring her dh and kids, but only wants to go to bognor.. dh and I feel quite selfish though and would rather go to skegness if it's better as the longer drive doesn't concern us as much as it does them. At worst it's a three hour drive, which to us doesn't seem a major sacrifice!

OP posts:
nutcracker · 30/06/2005 11:20

The skegness one is nice, we went there a while ago and there is loads for the kids to do if it is a pre schoolers week.

lunavix · 30/06/2005 12:35

Will there be loads to do if it isn't a preschooler week? Will bognor be a lot quieter than skegness because the preschooler week is in skegness?

OP posts:
QueenEagle · 30/06/2005 12:37

Have been to Minehead which was brilliant and the beach was lovely there.

If it's kids based activites you want then go for the pre-schooler activty week.

calpopscalum · 30/06/2005 18:02

W went to Minehead in may and there was loads for the kdis to do although it wasn't a specific pre schoolers week. Bob's building yard was the highlight of course! We didn't have enough time to pack it all in. It was tacky though - very cheesy but the kids adored it. my friend went to Skegness in may too and from what she says it sounds like the accommodation in Skegness is much nicer - she was in Silver and was quite impressed, we stayed in gold in minehead and t wasn't great, holes in walls etc. The beach at Minehead is fab and there are loads of nice places nearby but I think if we went again we'd choose Skegness cos of the accommodation and also it has a SPA!!!! There is a TEsco at minehead just a minute away so you don't have to use the Butlins supermarket which wasn't great!
Hope you enjoy it!

jessicasmummy · 30/06/2005 18:04

been to minehead - loved it.

off to skeggy in august.

never done bognor.... but we will next year.

id say go for skeggy.

golds · 30/06/2005 18:17

Ive been to both, I personally think Skegness is better, the self-catering appartments are really nice. Although if you would like to explore outside camp, Bognor is near to sea front, Skegness is a short drive

charleepeters · 30/06/2005 18:29

Bognors really bad - i would go there the rides are limited and the pool and changing rooms are dirty. all the childfrens stuff inside you have to pay for each activity. not worth it in my opinion. i have been there once as i live just down the road its not that nice.

patch · 01/07/2005 04:05

Only been to bognor, but have been three times in the last three years. The beach there is not up to much, as far as dd is concerned as pebbles not sand. Accommodation and food ok. There are four inside rides for toddlers. If busy you could have really long queues, struggle getting near the front/seats at shows - even when we have been term time (before dd started school) it has been busy, just not packed. It is nice to go with others, as you could then go on adult rides/go out and take turns baby sitting.

When picking accommodation, note most rooms only have a shower - dd hates them, so we have to get standard accommodation since silver only have showers and no baths. Maybe in a couple of years may try further afield, but dd will not sit still for long and Bognor is the closest.

If you are wondering what would be on at each, why not contact Butlins and ask them for more detail.

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