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Pam70 · 23/06/2005 23:52

After fiasco last night with what I thought were confirmed flights to Palma, I have now booked a package to Sicily (resort of Giardini Naxos).

Anyone been there? Any tips or recommendations for eating out, trips, things to see and do with a 4 year old and 10 month old?

Many thanks

OP posts:
marialuisa · 24/06/2005 10:44

Yes, Giardini Naxos is basically the beach resort for Taormina. I wouldn't say there's lots to do in the way there is in Mallorca but it's very relaxed and kid friendly. We were with Sicilian friends and it was very much an Italian holiday town rather than a tourist resort IYSWIM.

You can get to Etna easily and also Catania is good for a day out/shopping. If you have a hire car take care! The traffic in and out of giardini/Taormina is horrendous, and parking pretty awful too (and traffic wardens DO ticket).

Food wise it's lots of fish, pasta, pizza. Go for a granita and brioche in the mornings instead of breakfast, so many flavours and so delicious!

As I said we were with friends and DD is a beach bum so we just "hung out" quite a lot.

Caligula · 24/06/2005 10:59

It is so lovely. We never actually made it to Taormina because Giardini Naxos is so nice and it was hot and could never be arsed, but Catania is close, and if you can be bothered, lots of other very interesting places. Etna was smoking away when we were there.

Pam70 · 24/06/2005 20:26

Thanks for this - we haven't been on a package holiday since 1995 (Crete). All the travel we've done since has been stuff we put together or long haul to visit my family.

Good to know the resort is very Italian as we'd feel a bit short changed if we got chips with everything.

Is is fairly easy to use public transport say to get to Catania for a day out?

Also now debating whether to take my Phil & Ted 3 wheeler or the MacLaren - Phil & Ted's bulkier but will take both kids but may not be as compact if we need to take public transport.

Have today bought a UV tent shade thing for the beach - will the Italians think we're crazy or laugh if we use it? I'm not a big beach person and would prefer to sit in shade and there's the baby too of course!

OP posts:
Caligula · 25/06/2005 13:16

It's very child-friendly Pam. Not in an "adapted for kids" way - nothing is really, so I would take the smaller lighter buggy and resign DH to carrying your 4 year old when need be - but people are helpful and friendly and will wait for you to sort the kids out etc. There are lots of regular trips out to Catania and Etna. We took DS up to Etna in his buggy, but we didn't go all the way to the top, because it's very cold up there!

Pam70 · 25/06/2005 20:00

Caligula - thanks for this - will take the smaller one and see if I can spot a cheapie buggy board on Ebay.

Really looking forward to this holiday!

OP posts:
triplets · 27/06/2005 12:26

go see the catacombs in Palermo!

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