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How to stop seat belts hanging dd while asleep

3 replies

SilverUK · 04/06/2003 09:19

We have a long drive coming up, tall dd1 aged 2y9m is in a 5 point belt carseat than doesn't recline any more (dd2 has the other one and it's too small for dd1 anyway). She ends up hanging like a rag doll forward, laboured breathing, even though straps are tight on shoulders. I have a baby travel neck cushion, that just falls straight off. It drives me nuts. advice, products I could buy, anyone?

OP posts:
Tissy · 04/06/2003 09:21

I'm sure I've seen a head support in one of the catalogues....Urchin? Bloomong Marvellous?

I'll get back to you !

SoupDragon · 04/06/2003 09:34

Why do some threads get duplicated? I replied to this too and it's a bit further down the list. Wierd!

Lara2 · 09/06/2003 22:25

I think The Great Little Trading Company have some head supports.

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