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Help needed from anyone who flys Virgin to the US

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IlanaK · 19/06/2005 10:17

We have flown Virgin before as it is our airline of choice. However, last time we flew with kids, my ds1 was over 2 and just sat in the seat. We are flying agin to Miami and my ds2 will be just under 1.5 years old. We are booking a seat for him and read on their site about them not allowing carseats but providing their own. Great. But yesterday I was chatting to someone who said that these seats are not much more than a booster, with no support if child falls asleep and do not recline. Now I am worried. We booked a seat as we wanted to be able to strap in and restrain our active toddler. particularly at meal times, and also have somewhere comfortable for him to sleep.

Has anyone used these seats? What are they really like? Anyone got round the "no carseats" rule?


OP posts:

kama · 19/06/2005 11:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

jenkel · 19/06/2005 12:12

Watching with interest as we are probably flying virgin to Boston with a 3 year old and a 1 1/2 year old, the 1 1/2 year old will have their own seat


MeerkatsUnite · 19/06/2005 15:11

(From VA's website).

Virgin do something called an "Infant Care Chair" for children between 6 and 36 months of age.

(Unfortunately I do not personally know what these seats are like, can only counsel you call Virgin's customer relations department and talk with them.
Having dealt with Virgin before I would also suggest that you get an agreement made in writing, infact anything from them should be in writing!!).

Passengers who require use of an Infant Care Chair will have to purchase a seat at the applicable child fare. Jenkel - you are looking at paying two full price child fares.


IlanaK · 19/06/2005 17:31

Yes, I have read their site about the infant care chair. My concern is that my friend said this is little more than a booster seat. I was hoping for someone with personal experience as if I call their customer services, the person I speak to may not have children of her own or actually seen one of these chairs. I really need someone who has actually used or seen one.


OP posts:

Heathcliffscathy · 19/06/2005 17:35

ilana, they are definitely boosters. we flew premium economy to NY (on airmiles) and booked a seat for ds (then 18 months) and it was a booster, no back as far as i can remember, which means that you can recline the seat but can't have any side bits to rest on...wasn't that great tbh, but ds still slept in his seat...hth


jenkel · 19/06/2005 18:40

yes, I know that we will have to pay 2 full child fares. My 1/12 year old is quite large and just couldnt imagine her on my lap for 7-8 hours. Also the extra baggage allowance will be handy.


IlanaK · 19/06/2005 19:02

Thanks sophable - and not what I wanted to hear. Hmmmm.....I can't understand why they will not let us bring our car seat on board. What's the point of a booster seat on an airplane anyway. I really don't understand that. Very annoyed now.

OP posts:

Heathcliffscathy · 19/06/2005 19:37

i didn't get it either...i suppose the little seatbelt fits more snugly and that is their main priority...can you phone customer services and ask if you can take your car seat onboard?


patch · 20/06/2005 05:49

The one we had a few of years ago when we went to St Lucia with Virgin, was like a high backed booster seat with a five point belt. I cannot remember how it fitted in, they already had it in place when we boarded the plane. Dd slept in it, but I can't recall reclining it.

You will need to let them know if you want a jar meal - which was three large jars of food (I think), but you could have at any time - or a child's meal otherwise they will supply an adults meal if not notified. They have emergency nappies on board, and did keep bottle of milk in the fridge/cool box until required. We found them the best to travel with. You may also want to see if you can request bulk head seats and the bassinet for him to sleep in.

Have a good holiday, and if you have any other queries please ask but I cannot promise to remember the answers as it was nearly three years ago.


IlanaK · 20/06/2005 19:06

Thanks for that Patch. If it is a booster with a back, that would not be so bad - especially with a 5 point harness. I will have to ask. Ds will be 1.5 almost, so jars hopefully not necessary. I need to remember to order kids meals for them both. Or is there a toddler meal? We definately don't want bulkhead seats - I find that although you get extra room, the tray coming out of the armrest and the way the tv comes up is such a pain. Bassinet is a no-no. Ds2 will be too big and too old and will definately not lie down in it. Anyway, I think they only give those if the baby does not have a seat.

Thanks for the info!

OP posts:

SofiaAmes · 23/06/2005 08:20

Why don't you just book on BA instead. Save yourself the money of the seat for the 1.5 year old. BA wil PREBOOK the bulkhead for you and they give you a lovely folddown table with a seat thing in it that will take even a very large child. I fly to the us twice a year with my children and have done since they were born. My dd is very large for her age and I flew BA when she was almost 2 (but the size of a 3 year old) and she fit just fine in the baby seat thing. But even if you do decide to book a seat for ds2, ba will allow you to take your own car seat on board.
I flew virgin once when my ds was around 9 months and he threw up on me and they were truly awful to me and wouldn't help me at all, acting like I should never have brought him on a plane if he was going to throw up. I had to ring my bell three times before they would even bring me some papertowel to clean myself up.


IlanaK · 23/06/2005 08:24

Well, there is two reasons we are going Virgin. The main one is that we are flying free on Virginmiles But besides that, Virgin cater WAY better for my 4 year old than BA which is also important to us.

OP posts:

mckenzie · 23/06/2005 09:01

haven't got time to read the whole thread Ilanak but one of my best friends wroks for Virgin - would you like me to ask her or I can give you her tel number there and you can speak to her yourself (she has children so she'll be sensitive to your dilemma).


nappybaglady · 27/06/2005 00:07

used an infant care seat recently on virgin flight for our 20 month old ds. it's like a booster with a back. It reclines if you recline the seat it's attached to, ie as much (or as little) as your own seat will be able to recline. it does have a 5point harness. was v useful at start of flight to keep him contained but we were fortunate enough to have enough space to lie both kids out to sleep because flight was so quiet.

I would definitely recommend one of these seats but would suggest one of those small soft neck rests (you know the little horseshoe shaped thingys) as well to make him a bit more comfy

have fun

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