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North London to Cornwall

16 replies

mckenzie · 19/06/2005 09:28

We will be driving to Cornwall next sunday from north London and would like to have a few stops along the way to relieve the boredom for DS, feed DD and let DH and I stretch our legs.
We'd rather not do this at a service station.

Anyone do this journey regularly and can advice on good places to stop please?


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mckenzie · 19/06/2005 13:11


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Nightynight · 19/06/2005 14:01

Wincanton. There's a Safeway, and if you go towards the town, follow the one way system, and turn left by the old pub, you get to a cricket ground, stream with ducks & childrens playground. Just ask anyone for directions to the cricket ground or cemetery (behind).

we always used to stop there.

mckenzie · 19/06/2005 18:34

thanks very much nightynight. i'll look at the map tonight.

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oooggs · 19/06/2005 18:58

We tend to stop at the huge Asda at Bristol, just off the M4 and on the M5 at J17. It is very big and has a returant, cheap petrol and a large shop just to nose around, there are also other resturants etc in the same area.

dinny · 19/06/2005 19:35

we always go down the 303 as lots of non-service station places to stop.

csa · 20/06/2005 09:07

i was just about to ask the same question mckenzie.
Nightynight and oooggs, how far off (in terms of minutes) are the places you suggested from the motorway? my dh refuses to contemplate stopping anywhere else apart from the motorway service stations cos he thinks it would put too much time into the journey. but i think it would be so much nicer than your old burger king outlets with 3 little ones to entertain.

oooggs · 20/06/2005 16:56

The Asda you can see from the motorway as soon as you see it, it will take less than 2 minutes to leave the motorway and park. It is closer to the motorway than the service stations and cheaper.

I don't like the A303 as I prefer motorway driving, but if someone else was driving then I think it is great as loads to look at

Nightynight · 20/06/2005 17:30

csa, the safeway is literally just a minute off towards Wincanton. Come off the motorway, and take the direction Wincanton at the roundabout. Its before you get to the town on the right hand side. I cant remember the exact distance, but my dx also had not much patience with going very far off the motorway. The stream & playground is just over a field as the crow flies, maybe a kilometre around by car, as far as I remember.

Nightynight · 20/06/2005 17:31

I just realised, its off the A303, not the M4! But the 303 is pretty much motorway standard most of the way, except just by Stonehenge, and the children always liked seeing Stonehenge!

oooggs · 20/06/2005 18:10

Nightynight - sorry have I confused you and myself I don't like the A303, but the Asda is 'just' off the M5.

oooggs · 20/06/2005 18:10

Sorry nightynight, my fault your were 'talking' to csa

Tonto · 20/06/2005 18:15

There are several little chefs on the A30 between Exeter and Okehampton. We always stop there as they are brilliant with the kids.

csa · 20/06/2005 21:04

thanks all. will give the asda a try. don't think i will persuade dh to forsake the M5 for the A303 but thanks anyway nightynight. will keep in mind for another occasion.

Libb · 20/06/2005 21:08

This reminds me of when we went from Padstow to Sandwich in Kent, my dad (RAF) hates stopping and we were stuck in this daft car and loading up to the hilt all those "extras" and a 6 stone dog in the back with us.

Please don't do that to your children, anyone! My dad is a lovely man but ruthless when on a mission.

Hope you find something suitable!

csa · 20/06/2005 21:11

lol libb - poor you.
well, unfortunately, i don't think the kiddies are going to be too disappointed if they had to have burger king at each stop

Stilltrue · 21/06/2005 14:46

I don't know a lot about suitable stopping places all the way down but I do know that Okehampton (just off the A30 which you will be on after Exeter on the M5) has a ruined castle run I think by English Heritage - good for a quick clamber and you could sit down to feed your dd. If you are self catering Okehampton also has a Waitrose which is useful for stocking up.

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