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Booster seat as hand luggage?

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sylvev · 28/05/2003 19:46

Hi, we are off to Menorca soon and have hired a car for the 2 weeks. It just occurred to us (!) that we will need a booster seat for dd who is 4. We were quoted £40 for hire for the duration. Is it possible to take booster seat as hand luggage to cut costs? Thanks.

OP posts:
jac34 · 28/05/2003 20:06

We plan to take our booster seats with us on holiday in a few weeks time.
We have 4 yo twin DS's, so we put the two seats in a holdal and check them in, with the other luggage. As they weigh next to nothing, they don't count much, towards the allowance, and it's esier than taking them on the plane.
As you only have the one to take, you could take it as hand luggage, but some airlines are fussy about the size.

butterflymum · 28/05/2003 21:02

Word of warning.
About 3.5 yrs ago we bought a booster seat to take to England for use in a hired car. We kept it in the box it came in and it went through with the other luggage - no problem on outward flight. On return, we arrived at home airport and waited and waited at the conveyor belt. After a while, and just as I was heading off to enquire about our 'package', I spotted someone from the airport coming towards the luggage return area carrying a rather mangled box.....yes, our booster. Thankfully,it was on the return journey and we didn't need it for the car ride home (already a seat in our own car). Airport apologised and we were given claim form and in time, received compensation. So, if it is a small one, ie with no back attachment, then might be worth trying to take it on board, just in case!

PS Have been to Majorca since and used hired car there. We needed a baby seat and booster but don't recall paying too much. £40 seems high. Would it be worth checking if any other hire company has better price.

Enjoy the holiday - wish it was me!!!

sylvev · 28/05/2003 21:14

Thanks for the ideas. I think we will try to take it as hand luggage, it is very light. We were surprised at the cost quoted as the car hire itself was v. reasonable. Can't wait for my hols. with or without the booster seat!!

OP posts:
suedonim · 29/05/2003 03:54

We took a booster seat to the US as handluggage and had no problems at all. HTH.

Tinker · 29/05/2003 09:34

I've taken it as hand luggage, no problems. Very handy for sitting on when your flight is delayed.

Jaybee · 29/05/2003 10:01

Every time I have travelled I have taken one with me - either checked it in as luggage or taken it on the plane - I have even taken a full car seat on the plane to the US (one of the Britax Freeway(?) lightweight polystyrene ones) - ds used it on the plane - never thought to check whether it was ok. I was quoted about $8 a day to hire a car seat so it was expensive for a three week holiday, so I bought the lightweight one before we went (for less than the cost of hiring one) and used it for years afterwards.

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