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waterslides safe when pregnant?

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eefs · 27/05/2003 11:51

Hi, I'm going on holidays in a few weeks with ds and friends. This was planned long before I ever knew I was pregnant and one of the highlights was to be a few visits to the local waterpark complete with big slides etc. I'm wondering do any restrictions apply with regard to using these slides when pregnant? I'll be 16 weeks, and hopefully not showing too much. I'll avoid the paticularly hair-raising slides with big drops, but was so looking forward to this I'd be loath to aviod it altogether. Has anyone been in this situation before that can offer advise?

OP posts:

Mo2 · 27/05/2003 12:14

I'm afraid at our local leisure centre pregnant women are advised not to use the water flumes. Not sure what the risk is, whether its risk of bumps & bruises, or internal infection (?) or what...
Must admit, like you, I was disappointed on holiday, but decided to avoid them. Sorry... (know it's not what you want to hear..)


morocco · 27/05/2003 14:48

Sorry, I think they usually have a restriction on them so no pregnant women allowed. I guess there will still be some stuff for you though - maybe those 'rivers' and all the bubbly whirlpool things.
It'll be pretty hard to disguise your bump!!


eefs · 27/05/2003 15:05

thats what I though but didn't want it confirmed to be honest. It's not fair, ds and I are going to be stuck in the baby pool again.

OP posts:

codswallop · 27/05/2003 15:39

and iam going on one this week for the first time in 12 moonths!


milch · 28/05/2003 15:45

I was advised not to jump into the swimming pool once I was pregnant because of the risk of water getting inside and causing an infection. Also not to use jacuzzis for the same reason (and because the hot water can cause your body temp to rise, which is bad for the foetus).

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