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Travel to the Gambia

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shellyk · 26/05/2003 22:17

I would like to go to the Gambia in Jan/Feb when my child will be 4/5 months (hopefully if there are no problems!!)
I will probably be breast feeding, is there any risks to the child with me taking malaria tablets, and what age is safe for the baby to get all the necessary immunisation??

Thanks again.

OP posts:
Ghosty · 26/05/2003 22:26

Shellyk ... you are a jetsetter aren't you?
Mmmmm... I am not sure I would go to the Gambia with a small baby ... but then I am not very brave!!! Hope someone can help!!

whymummy · 26/05/2003 22:41

hi shellyk ive just read that youll need yellow fever,polio,tetanus,typhoid and hepatitis A,i found this in icircle if you want to check it further

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