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40th birthday shortbreak - where?

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mbb · 12/06/2005 21:41

DH is 40 in December, would like to take him somewhere - first time away without DS & DD. He doesn't want Amsterdam, Venice or Paris. Should I try to get a cheapy to New York (I can only scrape together £600 absolute max.), or will it be too horribly cold? Doesn't have to a city break. Also, will try to use as many airmiles/ nectar points etc as I can find to help. All suggestions gratefully received, thanks.

OP posts:
Frizbe · 12/06/2005 21:43

The Linthwaite House Hotel in the Lakes, curl up by a nice cosy fire, and eat yummy food, and drink yummy drinks, get in house massage, fab!

helsy · 12/06/2005 21:49

Loved Verona ( v romantic) and Turin - don't know if you could get to Verona for your budget, maybe if you did it yourself, flights and hotel separately? Or a nice hotel in the UK like Frizbe said for a couple of nights?

mogwai · 12/06/2005 22:35

I don't think you could do NY on the budget you have in mind, just because of spending money, but I do think you could do it if the spends were separate. I took my dh as a surprise last year - he was pretty gobsmacked

Look at all the places Easyjet fly to. Nice, Barcelona, Rome? Rome very expensive though

Alternatively, as it's near christmas, what about one of the German cities? they have such atmosphere at Christmas and lovely christmas markets. I think Cologne is meant to be particularly nice.

We went on a city break to Munich in 2003. It was lovely - we took the train to Salzburg and also to neuschwanstein castle (the "disney castle" in bavaria). Now that would be SO romantic in December!!

Sponge · 13/06/2005 11:18

I agree with Mogwai. I took dh to New York for his 40th but it cost a lot more than £600 all in. You could get there for that but once you've paid for hotel, eating out etc it will be more.
Better to go somewheer that you can do nicely for £600 than to go a long way and have to slum it when you get there I'd have thought.
Since it's Deecember it might be nice to go somewhere where it will be a bit warmer than here - Barcelona, Seville, Sardinia, Amalfi Coast? Or how about Croatia - I haven't been but it's meant to be beautiful and still quite cheap.

romilly · 13/06/2005 12:52

i took d/h to a beautiful riad in marrakech - out of season you could probably go for a few nights for the sort of price you are thinking of.

agree that NY would cost a lot more, and be a bit chilly.

compo · 13/06/2005 12:53

I agree with Helsy - we honeymooned in Verona and it was lovely

calcium · 13/06/2005 13:35

Barcelona is great fun, lots to do and see close to beaches, bars great food, good shopping (for you!) lovely hotels cheap and expensive and doesn't cost a bomb to get there (go Easy Jet) and takes under 2 hours.

Spain does get cold in winter but there is so much to do in Barcelona you won't notice, if you do just park yourself in a cool bar/cafe and watch the world go by.

Romilly - can you give me the name/website of the riad you stayed in as we are looking to go to Morocco next year.

calcium · 13/06/2005 13:37

just thought of Prague or Stockholm I know people who have been on cheap deals to both very pretty in winter and Prague has lovely Christmas markets. Very Romantic also...

NomDePlume · 13/06/2005 13:37

Barca, Barca, Barca

Fab for everything - weather, culture, chopping, eating, drinking, beach, sophisticated hotels, budget places to stay. IMO, it has it all.

NomDePlume · 13/06/2005 13:38

(Barca - Barcelona)

NomDePlume · 13/06/2005 13:38

chopping - shopping

nailpolish · 13/06/2005 13:38

does it have to be abroad? what about Arran or Skye? or the Kyles? thats my fave place

or Edinburgh?

romilly · 13/06/2005 14:11

calcium - we loved morocco - esp. marrakech, taroudant and essaouria (by the coast) riads here
we stayed at dar doukkala ( amongst other riads - charming french owner called phillipe and very romantic setting, all rose petals, fabulous mosaics and gorgeous colours everywhere.

mbb · 13/06/2005 21:14

WOW - I'm dead impressed that this is on the front page as discussion of the day!! Famous!

Anyway, see what you mean about NY - might be a shame doing it on the cheap. We've been to Barcelona so that's out as well. Would only do a UK break as an absolute last resort, as would like to be a bit different. We've actually covered most of the country already, as have both moved around a lot over the years. Would agree the Lakes and Edinburgh are lovely but have lived in or spent many holidays in both!

Am off to look into the other places suggested. Have to admit that Marrakech sound FAB!!!

thanks very much

OP posts:
mogwai · 13/06/2005 22:37

forgot about Prague, so yes, I'll second that suggestion.

Elvis · 14/06/2005 12:59

I'm just in the middle of planning a child free break for dh's 40th too in Budapest. We go in October

MandM · 14/06/2005 13:09

I was going to suggest Budapest as well, it is gorgeous (and relatively cheap) but just realised you are looking at December and it really does get freezing over there during the winter.

How about Milan for a bit of child free glamour and sophistication? One of the low cost airlines (can't remember if it is or not) is operating to Milan's smaller airport and there is a really convenient pre-bookable bus service from there to the main station for about £15 per person return.

Brussels or Bruges for fab Xmas markets? Both highly recommended places to visit, especially at that time of year.

OldieMum · 14/06/2005 13:49

My 40th birthday fell in January a few years ago and we went to Florence. It was quite cold, but magically sunny and almost empty of tourists. We stayed here , in a room with a view over the Duomo. It was my best birthday, ever, until DD was born on the following birthday!

calpopscalum · 14/06/2005 20:19

Rome - it's amazing, fantastic food, romantic and not too cold!! can bedone with cheap airlines and online hotel booking so more moeny to spend on shopping and fab Italian meals!

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