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Need info on Forte Village Sardinia

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Tartegnin · 22/05/2003 13:24

Partly on the basis of the high recommendations for this resort on Mumsnet, we've booked in for two weeks in June. I'd greatly appreciate any details on the resort, and especially on the children's club (our daughter is nearly 4) and other facilities. Any practical advice (like how to deal with laundry!) would also be welcome. While there seems to be a lot of recommendations on this place, it's been tough to find details.


OP posts:
HMOBODKIN · 22/06/2003 22:02

We've won a holiday for 4 for 2 weeks at Forte Village and it includes £500 spending money on top of the half-board and flights. BUT we are very hard up and worried hjow much extra it might all cost (we are actualy family of 5, to complicate matters). Would you have nay advice you can give on cost if we are not to just lie on the beach and starve all day! e.g. lunches, wine & beers, kids treats and outings etc.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Hope you enjoyed what sounds like a fantastic place.

aloha · 23/06/2003 18:06

It's pretty expensive, but we only had sandwiches for lunch by the pool and they were expensive for sandwiches.. but that's not very expensive if you see what I mean. It's a fantastic place and costs thousands if you paying so it's a great prize! It's full of Italian footballers and posh Italian women in Prada bikinis with downtrodden maids to look after the kids. Amazing! You don't have to do any outings as there are numerous pools with waterslides etc, a sandy beach etc and free entertainment in the evening. Plus the breakfasts are vast buffet feasts and the dinners ditto, so you certainly won't starve even on two meals a day - promise. If you really feel poor you can take bread and cheese and ham and pastries and fruit from the breakfast buffet and have them for lunch if you like. Wine with dinner is included in the half board deal so you won't have any drinks bill if you are happy with the local wines (we were!). There are shops on site which are very expensive for Versace simwear etc, but you can look and not buy. Ice creams are normal price, if I recall correctly. We only did one outing in two weeks, to go riding, which was great, but nothing else, and our 9 year old was perfectly happy. You'll have a fantastic time.

sykes · 23/06/2003 18:21

We went a couple of years ago and if you need to go to a supermarket you can just about walk to one. Hasten to add I didn't walk - my h did. Just for stuff like snacks and alcohol. We hired a nanny for afternoons and she took our dh to the kids' club. Seemed fairly civilised - a little train goes round the resort which little ones love and you don't need to hire a nanny. Special place for kids to eat if you don't want them to eat with you - little tables and chairs etc. Re washing etc depends if you're in hotel/villa. Great pools and loads of free sports and entertainment in the evening. Pizzerias for cheapish lunches/sandwiches.
Have a brilliant time.

rosehip · 27/06/2003 17:56

HMOBODKIN - you lucky devil - what a fantastic prize! I'm sure £500 will help significantly towards your holiday spending. Go for it and enjoy! It's a place I'd love to go and you may never get another chance. Also you could always pretend to be a very heathly family and drink mineral water and eat fruit!

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