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Ferry travel when pregnant! Be warned!

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Littlemissbusy · 07/06/2005 14:07

I've just returned from a great holiday in France, but we nearly didn't get their, as I was 32 weeks pregant when we were leaving, and the ferry company needed a medical certificate after 28 weeks. Fortunately, after a tense wait, the Captain gave his go ahead for me and the family to get on board! This is my third baby, but it had never even crossed my mind that I might need a medical certificate to go on a ferry! If I'd have booked a flight, that would have been a different matter all together! So, if any of you have a ferry trip planned, check out the terms and conditions of the ferry company carefully! Some of the fast crossings won't take you if you're more than 28 weeks pregnant!

OP posts:

pinkmama · 07/06/2005 14:12

That must have been a tense wait! That would have never crossed my mind either. I too am 32 weeks pg, and we did think about going to france around this time, but then for one reason and another it didnt happen. I would never have thought you needed a certificate for a ferry. Hop eyou had a good holiday though!


beachyhead · 07/06/2005 14:15

I went on Eurostar last week at 27 weeks, but no-one asked any questions - do you think the same applies?


bakedpotato · 07/06/2005 14:18

You've reminded me, I was refused passage on a ferry to jersey when pg -- it was too rough, captain wouldn't let me on (i think they're nervous the conditions will bring on labour). Nearly missed a friend's wedding but the storm died down, we caught a later boat.
Can't remember needing certificate though. I think I was around 5 mths.


csa · 07/06/2005 16:23

i went to parisd on eurostar at 32 weeks but no one asked either.


Littlemissbusy · 08/06/2005 16:10

I don't think the Eurostar has a policy - with my first baby (five years ago) we went to Paris when I was 34 weeks pregnant. I think it must be that the ferries can be rough, so in theory could bring on labour, then you're around 2 hours away from somewhere to get assistance. Not that I'm an expert now......

OP posts:

lapsedrunner · 08/06/2005 19:20

I went Hoverspeed (potential to be very bumpy!) at 30 weeks (outbound) & 32 weeks (inbound), nobody asked at all. I was the driver in both directions, anyway you don't get out of the car when checking in so how do thry even know?


bensmum3 · 08/06/2005 19:50

I left home by 2 different ferries 10 days before DS was due, my GP escorted me from our neighbouring island ,( where I'd got off the 1st boat to join my other children in a sports day), to make sure I got on the 2nd boat for the 2 hour journey, our ferry skippers are obviously more relaxed up here


assumedname · 08/06/2005 19:52

This must be new. I travelled back from Germany using the ferry at 39 weeks pregnant. Mind you, this was 9 years ago.


Littlemissbusy · 09/06/2005 09:53

I think it must be a relatively new policy, as even the holiday company I booked through weren't aware! And as to how they know - well - obviously my tummy looked enormous to the lady looking down at me from the check-in booth!!!!!

OP posts:

purpleturtle · 09/06/2005 15:55

I think it's to do with the expense of helicoptering you off if you do go into labour. I think it applies more to the longer crossings.


Jen28 · 31/07/2005 09:20

I went to Brittany on the P&O ferry last year when I was 32 weeks pregnant. I checked P&O's website meticulously before travelling and it said nothing about medical certificates or anything. I had no problems. In the end, no one even noticed or said anything.

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