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France road atlas - recommendations please

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Hulababy · 06/06/2005 20:12

We are off to France in a couple of weeks, and we have a car for the fortnight.

We are arriving in Nice, collecting car from airport, staying for 7 nights near Frejus, driving to Grenoble for 2 nights, 1 night near Dijon, and then 4 nights at DLP, before flying home from Paris.

We have drivien round France before - not same areas though. PILs have our road atlas for france 9which is a bit out of date probably now anyway) and don't get back till day before we go.

So, think we need a new raod atlas. Anyone got any good recommendations?


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mrsflowerpot · 06/06/2005 20:16

The AA one of the whole country is what we have and it's plenty detailed - we usually get the most detailed Michelin fold-out map for the area we're staying in too just because you can fold it up small and it's easier to manage in the car.

Love Frejus btw, lucky you!

hunkersnafumunker · 06/06/2005 20:33

Our old atlas was the Michelin one - from 1993, I just threw it away this week - mind you I don't think French roads change at anything like the same rate as ours. It's excellent anyway. (Well it did the job the last few times we went!)

I guess it's this one - it was spiral bound anyway.

AA is cheaper (also spiral bound).

Hulababy · 06/06/2005 20:36

Thanks. Think our old one might have be Mitchilin - a yellow one, but not spiral bound.

Never been to south of France before, so really looking forward to it. I am sure there is going to be lots for us to do. Staying in one of those static caravan/mobile home type places - first tyime for that too - near Frejus. But planning on being out and about loads, rather than staying in the camp.

Now, the one thing I noticed with other mapss has been when you go into a town - the maps just ahve a blob over the town - so it is left to you to sort out how to get through. Any which have better detail?

Thanks so much.

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Milliways · 06/06/2005 20:40

We usually download an AA Autoroute free from, take a French Atlas and buy a detailed Michelin Map of the area where we are staying for local touring.

Best thing ever was Sat Nav though - even gave us diversions when we hit a jam!

Have a lovely time! We are going to the Vendee this year in August.

hunkersnafumunker · 06/06/2005 20:45

Our Michelin had Paris as a 2-page route map and I think it had other major cities too (it has just gone out in bits for recycling so can't check).

French road signs aren't bad though (better than Spanish!) so as long as you know which is the next city you want (and which road number, ideally) you just follow those signs.

hunkersnafumunker · 06/06/2005 20:45

Oh, satnav...we had that in DH's old car, haven't got it any is really useful, have you got it, hula?

Hulababy · 06/06/2005 20:45

Yes - sat nav would be great. DH made the decision to not get it as an option for some bizarre reason.

In saying that though - I do really enjoy being in charge of the map reading and directions. I am probably just sad though - but especially when going somewhere a bit more off the main road, I quite like the challenge of getting us there.

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