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Savvy Travel Tips Wanted for US Internal Flights/Car Hire

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Earlybird · 02/06/2005 18:38

DD and I are due to fly to America mid July (international flights booked already direct with airline). Anyone have suggestions for how I can compare (and book) flight schedules/costs for internal flights and car hire?

For future reference, would also appreciate any suggestions for cheap transatlantic flights too please.

OP posts:
MeerkatsUnite · 02/06/2005 19:29

Would suggest you book the internal flights online from the UK.

There is fierce competition price wise for internal flights within the US. Which route/s are you going to use?. I ask this as some US airports are used as hubs by some carriers.

Boarding domestic flights can become somewhat of an arduous process!. Plenty of time is needed!!.

Would also suggest you choose a UK based carrier over a US based one on flights to the US.

Earlybird · 02/06/2005 19:43

Hi M.U. - thanks for feedback. We are currently due to fly into Atlanta with Delta. Also plan to be in Nashville, LA, Denver and Wyoming (going to a dude ranch!). Any suggestions for where I should look online for flights/schedules?

OP posts:
MeerkatsUnite · 03/06/2005 07:16

My suggestion would be to look at the individual website for the airports in question. This shows the terminals and all the airlines that operate out of there. You may be able to find one carrier that operates to all the destinations you are thinking of, if this is the case so much the better. As for Wyoming you may need to fly to one destination and change planes to arrive at the destination in that state. Plan your route carefully; it can cost a small fortune to fly into one US city and then return to the UK from another. Also single fares can cost more than returns.

The dude ranch, infact the whole trip sounds like great fun!!.

Earlybird · 03/06/2005 07:55

Thanks for that MU. Even though this trip is going to be fantastic fun, it will be very challenging to arrange the internal US travel without it costing the earth.

Will check out the websites of the individual airports. Have you tried anything like Expedia? If so, what has been your experience?

Wyoming (dude ranch!) will definitely be the most challenging place to get to. We're going with dear friends who try to take one "wilderness" holiday per year. This pal has a "3 flight" rule - meaning you're not really in the wilderness unless it takes 3 flights to get there from a major city!

OP posts:
alux · 03/06/2005 08:28

maybe this is unnecessary advice: always buy insurance for a rental car.

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