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last minute

5 replies

candy · 17/05/2003 15:35

Has anybody booked a hotel using Do you know if the prices quoted include breakfast, or are they room only? Cheers!

OP posts:
tiktok · 17/05/2003 18:31

I have booked several times with My experiece is that it says clearly each time if it is room or room and b/fast....if it just says 'room' then that's what you're gonna get!!

candy · 18/05/2003 14:35

Cheers tictoc! Decided to book direct with hotel - Stratford here we come!

OP posts:
candy · 18/05/2003 14:35

OOps - spelt your name wrong - sorry!

OP posts:
PopsP · 21/05/2003 22:51

Have you booked a room for adults & children with last.minute ? Lots of hotels let children stay free on a pullout bed, but last minute does not seem to cater for this and tells me that the room is not suitable for treble occupancy. I always end up booking with the hotels directly, but you don't always get such a good rate.

bells2 · 22/05/2003 11:28

I have booked loads of rooms with As Tiktok says, the description will specify if breakfast is included. I have always used the notes section to request an extra bed and haven't so far had a problem. Whether or not there's a charge depends for it depends upon the hotel's individual policy.

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