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Twycross Zoo

7 replies

golds · 28/05/2005 16:24

Has anybody been there ? is it worth the journey, coming from Stafford, we want a day out tomorrow and can't think where to go

Any ideas ? not too far and not too expensive

OP posts:
jampots · 28/05/2005 16:36

went a few years ago Golds - its ok but not a patch on Chester or even Bristol Zoo! Conkers is definitely worth a visit though. How old are your children?

golds · 28/05/2005 16:49

saw Conkers advertised on TV earlier.

Kids are 7 and 5, where abouts is it, didn't take much notice of directions

OP posts:
golds · 28/05/2005 16:51

also need to add, I can't be walking around for hours, after recent op, need somewhere with some benches that they can park me on.

OP posts:
Bonkerz · 28/05/2005 17:16

Go to TWYCROSS all the time and can be a very good day out. The zoo is very well laid out with all animals close together and lots of seats and toliets situated all round the park. I regularly go with 5 under 3s and manage to last all day with no problems. There are 3 cafes (not all open all time though) and a great picnic barn, not to mention the outdoor play area for older children. The fair is good but expensive if you have a few children.
I went in April and it rained for about an hour but that really didnt matter at all.

bayleaf · 28/05/2005 20:15

we went to twycross 2 weeks ago - it's about 45 mins from us and I'd say well worth a drive of that distance - tho rather too many monkeys ad no tigers now which dd was disappointed about!
I have a friend who lives near conkers and raves about it but have never been yet.

lucykatie · 28/05/2005 20:27

i live near to both venues and to be honest they are both great days out.

plenty of seats and tons to do.

limitedsdotcom · 07/06/2005 20:44

Superb Orang-Utans at Twycross - they have such characters! We have been there two or three times, and our 3yr old son loves it - first went when he was 18 months I think! Relatively good facilities .... could do with Jamie Oliver advising the cafe perhaps.

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