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What can i do for my birthday?

2 replies

mummy2b · 25/05/2005 15:56

Its my 23rd birthday tomorrow and my dp and i want to have an evening out without the children (it will be our 1st time without them since the birth of our 2nd ds).

My parents have offered to look after our 2 ds's but we can think of where we can, neither one of us drives so it will be bus or cab if we can think of somewhere to go!

Can anyone offer any suggestions of where my dp can take.

We live in hackney in London so somewhere local would be great if possible!

OP posts:

dillydally · 25/05/2005 16:06

what kind of thing are you after?
nice pub, nice restaurant? theatre?
I am in Mile end and there are some decent restaurants and pubs round our way (not too far?)

and it is my brithday on friday but I am not 23 and i dont have a dp and am feeling sorry for myself so ignore me


catgirl · 25/05/2005 16:13

Frocks on Lauriston Road is a nice restaurant (but haven't eaten there is ages), as is Chilli's (Indian) opposite it. New-ish Veitnamese restuarnat on Victoria Park Road - Namo (I think). Royal Inn on the Park is a nice pub too. Bus to Docklands and cinema/wine bar, or bus to city for cinema/wine bar?

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