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Anyone know a nice place to eat in Essex?

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allatsea · 11/05/2003 13:55

We're taking Grandma out for ger 60th birthday in July. Doea anyone know anywhere nice we can go to eat with 2 grandparents, 4 parents and 2 kids under 2?

OP posts:
eidsvold · 11/05/2003 14:13

Have some ideas but need to know a little more..

Where abouts in Essex??? So many places - lunch/dinner??

allatsea · 11/05/2003 18:33

The inlaws live in Brentwood, but travelling around Essex isn't a problem if where we're going is nice. I imagine that we'll opt for lunch given the age of the children (and the anti-social nature of one of the grandparents)

OP posts:
Chinchilla · 11/05/2003 18:35

There is 'The Olive Branch' in Thorpe-Le-Soken, which does a good Sunday lunch deal. In Colchester High Street is 'The George', which is one of my favourites. How much do you want to spend per head?

allatsea · 11/05/2003 19:45

The price isn't really the issue, but it would be good if it was of a good standard £20 a head say??? Colchester is ok to travel to. We're not sure you whether it will be a Friday or a Saturday lunchtime. I'm assuming that places are generally quieter then than on Sundays

OP posts:
Crunchie · 11/05/2003 20:10

Milsoms which is just over the border into suffolk isgreat. Food is fab, if the weather is nice you can sit outsite etc.

allatsea · 11/05/2003 20:30

That sounds nice Crunchie- we could make it a bit more of a day out, rather than just a lunch trip

OP posts:
Chinchilla · 11/05/2003 20:32

Is Milsoms £20 a head Crunchie? I assumed that it would be more, as it is the same guy who owns The Talbooth. Ooh, another place to try!

Allatsea, that area (Dedham) is lovely, and is nice for a walk along the river. The village is so beautiful.

Crunchie - on another note, are you from near Colchester?

eidsvold · 11/05/2003 21:27

allatsea there is a lovely pub sort of Brentwood way ... called the Greyhound. Lovely food and wine ..set up for family/weekend lunches rather than a pub. Brilliant - very quiet little village and lovely are for kids to play in. Can get exact directions for you from dh later if you like.
We love going there for lunch .... will ask friend who lives in Brentwood for more ideas tomorrow...

Crunchie · 12/05/2003 09:47

Yep Chincilla I am (It's me with the evil children that p**s you off in teh supermarket too!) Milsoms really depends on how much you eat, they have 2 sizes of portions, big and huge, so it can be £20 for a 3 course meal, or less than a tenner for lunch. It's not posh like the Talbooth, it is like a pub/brasserie, with no bookings.

Chinchilla · 12/05/2003 21:31

Sorry to nab the thread allatsea...Crunchie, was the zoo trip ever arranged? I thought that it was this month.

Chinchilla · 12/05/2003 21:32

Oh, and Crunchie, you won't worry me in the Supermarkets as long as you are not ripping holes in all the multipacks of crisps just to get the free gifts

eidsvold · 13/05/2003 07:04

thanks for that q chincilla - I too was wondering that - thought perhaps I had missed it being so busy.

Lindy · 13/05/2003 08:21

Crunchie - isn't Milsoms fab - I've only been there once as it's quite a way from where we are in Suffolk but had the most delicious meal ........ yummy !!!!

Chinchilla · 13/05/2003 19:14

So are we all going? Eidsvold - I just assumed that I had been left out

Lindy · 13/05/2003 20:12

Perhaps an evening out at Milsoms would be a better idea? No kids ?????? !!!!!!!

eidsvold · 14/05/2003 11:42

i have no idea chinchilla - perhaps one of us should bite the bullet and get organised....

Chinchilla · 14/05/2003 18:40

You're right - any contenders?! Actually, as long as I have a couple of weeks' notice, I can make most afternoons. So, do you want to suggest a date?

eidsvold · 14/05/2003 19:00

i am not really able to do anything til mid June now - external exam marking?!?! but would love to come although now dh is thinking of us going for a family outing.

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