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Thinking of booking a holiday when i'll be 28 wks pg - am i stupid?

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Moomin · 23/05/2005 09:29

Dh and I are desperate for a holiday. We usually go away in May but didn't book as we were due to start ivf in march so didn't know what the situation would be. Situation is that I'm now 18wks pg (naturally) and we'd love to go away but it would have to be in the summer hols now due to dh's booked annual leave.

We've found a gite in Brittany that looks lovely. We'd be taking dd with us who will be nearly 4 in August. The week we want falls on my 28th week. We'd go for a week or 10 days. I'm just worrying now before we commit ourselves to booking... last pg I had severe spd and I'm getting a few twinges now which feel very familiar. I've also heard that we're due a heatwave in the summer (UK and Europe) so I'm expecting it to be very hot and I don't react well to very strong sun.

On the plus side, dh would wait on me hand foot and finger, and do all the running round with dd so I could be an inactive as I liked... Has anyone else done a foreign hol at this stage of a pg and if so, do you think I'm mad for considering it? btw, have checked with ryanair about flying. I'd need a doc's note to fly between 28 and 36 wks but this shouldn't be a problem.

Have to go now but will check any replies later...

OP posts:

swedishmum · 23/05/2005 10:50

I've been abroad while pregnant but not flown beyond 30 weeks I think. Does the gite have a pool? If not take a paddling pool to cool off in - I used one a few years ago in s of france.

If the doc says it's ok and you check the insurance (I think I was insured quite late with Amex) I'd go for it. Make sure you take a photocopy of your notes. Sounds much better relaxing there than rushing around at home. I found I was still active enough at that time to enjoy a holiday.


moondog · 23/05/2005 10:53

I've always been reasonably human until about 33 weeks and last year was abroad with my dh and flew back home alone (with 3 year old dd) when 32 weeks pregnant. If it really will be a rest then go,but consider car journey,weather and all the other stuff.

Congratulations on your pregnancy btw!


Thomcat · 23/05/2005 11:04

I went camping, to SW France, on Europes largest sand dune (!!) when i was 6/7 months pregnant. Managed fine on a blow up bed, and a 3 man tent, had a fab time. The last 3 days were spent pounding the strets of Paris, which was exhausting but wonderful.

Go for it and have a fab time.


bonym · 23/05/2005 15:06

Dh and I went to Vienna at Christmas when I was 28 weeks pg. Flight etc. was fine and the only drawback is that I felt to tired to do as much as I would usually do on this type of holiday. However, if all you are going to be doing is lounging by the pool/on the beach then I would say go for it. Many congratulations by the way


Cha · 24/05/2005 18:18

Did the same as Thomcat when I was 7 months pg - camping, blow up mattress, Northern Spain. It was absolutely fine apart from the two stroppy teenage stepdaughters... Suppose you don't have those to contend with, so go for it


Yorkiegirl · 24/05/2005 18:20

Message withdrawn

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