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Travel Bottle Warmers

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Blewis · 21/05/2005 21:18

Has anyone used a Travel Bottle Warmer, the gel type ie. Prince Lionheart or Childcare? Do they really work effectively? I use Avent wide neck bottles and would like to know if any warmers are more suitable for this type of bottle. I have tried the Prince Lionheart one, but once I had activated the warmer and wrapped it around the bottle I had to force it into the bag and then struggled to get it out again!
I have also tried the Babytec in car warmer, but found this unsuitable for the avent bottles too.
Any advice, please?

OP posts:

eleanorsmum · 21/05/2005 21:24

we had a boots gel tpye one which fitted the avent bottles, only snag with these is the re-activating. best way is in steam sterilser but we only had microwave one which you cant use cos of the metal actiavtor in them so we had to boil it, kept forgetting and when i wanted to take it out it was hard. but when i didi rememeber it was fab. My tip though buy a non breakable thermos (fisher price do one) and take hot water and formula. much easier and quicker if you have a hungry baby! good luck!

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