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All inclusive suggestions - anywhere in the world

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Stinkybert · 19/05/2005 16:36

My little one will be 2 years 2 months in September, when we're planning to take another holiday. Up until now we've booked private villas and booked flights ourselves. However we'w now realised she needs more than us to occupy her so we're relenting and thinking about all inclusive holidays, but have absolutely no idea where so open to any suggestions. Hubbie and I travelled extensively before she was born, only thing we'd rather not do is give her anti-malarial tablets so avoiding those areas. Any ideas?

OP posts:

Caribbeanqueen · 19/05/2005 16:51

St James' Club, Antigua? DD 2yo loved it.


Ameriscot2005 · 19/05/2005 16:54

FDR in Jamaica. You get a vacation nanny with your suite who will clean for you and take care of the kids. Instead of putting them in a children's club, you decide when you want your kids to be with you and when you don't.

FDR Holidays


SoupDragon · 19/05/2005 16:57

St James Club, Antigua - we liked it so much we bought a timeshare. (but don't pay for the all inclusive - there's no need. Activities re included anyway and we've never spent more on food and drink than we would have spent on all inclusive - way less each time.)


Caribbeanqueen · 19/05/2005 17:02

Soupdragon, I would be interested in more info on your timeshare if you don't mind. We have been a few times and have thought about this option. Thanks!

Agree with you about the all inclusive actually, it is more than you would spend on food.


Flum · 19/05/2005 17:03

If you have a fairly large budget I cannot recommend Curtain Bluff in Antigua highly enough. It was the best holiday I have ever been on. You can drink Champagne until the cows come home and they have lovely local babysitters.

The following is included: deep sea fishing, windsurfing, waterski, scuba diving, tennis etc

It is expensive but it is amazing. You can hear the waves crashing on the beach when you lie in bed.


Flum · 19/05/2005 17:05

Alternatively if you have a low budget you may be tempted by the the Blue Sea in Rhodes. To that temptation I would say, resist it. Dreadful place full of tattoo'd Dads shouting at kids, mums tripping over things trying to get compensation. It is generally quite nasty.


Flum · 19/05/2005 17:05

I really meant tattoo'd kids shouting. oops nothig against tattoos


SoupDragon · 19/05/2005 17:08

email me at huffahorse at hotmail dot com if you like CQ. All I can say is 2 bedroom villa 10 steps from the beach... we can't find anything to match it for this year's holiday! Unfortunately we only bought "even" years.


SoupDragon · 19/05/2005 17:08

Also, as they are geared up for all inclusive, you rarely get charged for drinks by the beach buggy bars!


Flum · 19/05/2005 17:09

As a general rule All Inclusive is cost effective when you are travelling to destinations that have a much lower standard of living to us and few local restaurants. eg Caribbean

but less so to more 'Western' destinations eg Spain/Greece because they provide substandard food in an effort to be competitive.


copycat · 19/05/2005 20:04

Have you considered the Beaches Resorts (as in 'Sandals and Beaches') I think their Kids Clubs and activities start from age 2, as do Club Med hotels (which are not all in the Med and are mostly All Inclusive!). There are 3 'Beaches Resorts' in Jamaica and another in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Gala Resort, Playacar, Mexico and Club St Lucia by Splash in St Lucia are both All Inclusive and also cater to 2 year olds. Or what about the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai - fabulous 5* family hotel, loads to do for children with a kids club and wonderful adventure playground, but not All Inclusive. As already mentioned FDR Resorts in Jamaica provide you with a Nanny as does a small hotel in Barbados whose name escapes me. Also there's 'Sunscape The Beach' Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic which has a Baby Club to age 4.
Hmmm, could probably think of some other suggestions but there's a few anyway.
Oh yes, highly recommend Lykia World in Turkey. They have a Baby Club too and an on-site waterpark with slides for toddlers. It's Full Board Plus rather than All Inclusive but you do get wine and beer included with your meals.
Hope some of this is of use. I have stayed in some of the places mentioned if you want to CAT me for further info.


marbeth · 19/05/2005 21:00

If you dont want to go long haul you could look at oceania club Halkidiki.Opened this month,few teething problems but everything will be finished by end of month.We are off to it in August and looking forward to it.It is ran by sani hotel group who have several hotels in area.They are trying to develop first 5 star ultra inclusive in Greece.Website facilites look good.


Blu · 20/05/2005 16:43

Mauritius? I think that September is still the 'cool' season there - so not ridiculously hot for a 2 year old (but hardly cold!).

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