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Help - has anybody tried La Manga resort in Spain?

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downundermum · 08/05/2003 14:27

Looking at going here in August but very confused with the sheer number of accomodation choices. DS1 is 4yrs and DS2 will turn two while we are there. Like the idea of the self catering accom with childrens pools, childrens playground, childrens club etc. Has anybody tried the children's club there? Or does anybody have any other suggestions? Thanks

OP posts:
Rhiannon · 08/05/2003 17:28

I'd be interested too, still don't have anything organised for DH's 40th.

ThomCat · 12/05/2003 13:16

My parents took me there when i was a kiddie. Westayed in Sainsail accomodations (I think) and they had a fab kids club. The hotel was right on the beach, had wonderful staff and I remember it to be the best holiday I had as a child. The kids club was brilliant and my parents hardly saw me or my sister. I was about 11 and my sister 9.

mckenzie · 12/05/2003 14:02

We went once pre-parenthood and again when our son was 3 months old so can't comment on the children's club I'm afraid. I've forgotten the name of the villa complex that we stayed in but I wuld remember it if we heard it and I would certainly recommmend it. The problems as I see it with La Manga is that it's very expensive to eat out in the complex (you're a captive audience) and the only beach (I think) is a short drive away and has no facilities on it at all (great for when we were childless but not so good now).
Just re-read Thomcat's message and I think we might be talking about different things. I'm talking about La Manga Tennis Club resort but there is also a resort called La Manga with other hotels and apartments etc.

willow2 · 12/05/2003 21:10

my step-sister lives out there and I think she has something to do with managing rented accomodation - can find out if you want. I know the kids' club is meant to be fantastic.

Neena · 13/05/2003 10:11

Hi, I statyed out there about five years ago. We rented a villa with a plunge pool which was very luxurious and comfortable. We stayed fairly near Barringtons which is a sports club with nice indoor and outdoor pools, squash, gym aerobics. I think there is a creche there but we did not use it. It was good to go there as there were other kids around, one word of warning - the place is around 80% British. There are some fabulous beaches within short drive but I think you will find it hard to use them due to the heat in August. Obviously there are excellent facilities for tennis and golf on the site but it is all quite expensive. Lovely restaurants and you should not have any problem getting a babysitter. However again expect to pay!! Main downside is the lack of a town to wander round in the evening, there is a small square, but its not quite the same. Also the resort can feel a bit sterile, but it is all very pretty and relaxing, feels very safe.

Neena · 13/05/2003 10:16

Downundermum, sorry, just remembered, the club was not Barringtons, had another name and it did not have an indoor pool that I recall (not that you would need it in August). I think the villa was in the Los Molinos complex? We enjoyed an early evening trip to Catajena one day - good tapas and atmosphere. Hope this helps!

downundermum · 17/05/2003 11:20

Thanks very much for the replies. Willow2 I would be very interested in what your step-sister does and would love to discuss the various complexes and what suits two little ones in August. Neena & McKenzie thank you for the advice. I think the drawback is that you are a captive audience but, if I ever get this organised, we will rent a car and go out and about a bit. Neena - One of the places we were looking at is Los Molinos, do you remember if it had a kiddies pool or play area close by?


OP posts:
hermykne · 17/05/2003 14:37

their website which i cant remember exactly what it is shows a map of all the different blocks. i am sure if you do a search it will come up for you

willow2 · 17/05/2003 18:13

downundermum - I haven't got my step-sister's number, and my mother and stepfather - who have got it - are away at present. As soon as I can find out more I'll post.

willow2 · 26/05/2003 09:33

Hiya downundermum - hope this info' isn't too late. Anyway, my step-sis rents out houses in the golf club and the strip part of La Manga (I am just repeating what I have been told and have no idea how they differ!). She lives out there with her two kids, so will have a lot of information re kids' stuff. Anyway, think the best thing is if you call her or email her - office telephone number is 00 34 968 137372 or email [email protected]. (Hope that is right - haven't tried the address myself). Let me know if you have any problem contacting them and I'll go back to my mum and complain that she's given me the wrong information!! Hope this helps.

Seagull · 04/06/2003 21:26

Great resort. Very hot during July and August. Not much to do away from the resort. Hotel is great value for five star. Our kids had a ball. Child friendly swimming pool.
Appartments are spread over a wide area.

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