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Groombridge Enchanted Forest (Sussex/Kent)

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pupuce · 05/05/2003 19:16

Tigermoth your post on missing mumsnetter got me thinking... about Groombridge... you've been and loved it... did you go back and how old was your DS then?

I live 10 minutes away, went when I was without children (so 5 years ago or so) and found it disappointing.... it must have changed but as it is expensive I want to know if you would still go... and did anyone else go in the past 2 years ?

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 05/05/2003 20:03

We went last year with 8 under 4s (with their parents I hasten to add!) It was very nice - the swings were great fun - but a lot was inaccessible for pushchairs so I missed a big chunk of it. The children all seemed to enjoy it too.

miggy · 05/05/2003 20:04

we have been several times in last 2 yrs and loved it. It is expensive, cant remember how much but remember thinking ouch! But really lovely grotto type gardens throughout the woods, all made from natural type stuff. Lots of things for little ones to discover- family of Groms that live their. Giant tree swings too scary IMHO. V.good adventure course through the trees (5 and up). Nice barge ride (but extra). Def dry weather only and nothing inside. Highlight of our visit was dd having massive nosebleed whilst watching pig racing, we had no tissues with us so sent Dh to ask woman with bulging nappy bag if we could possibly borrow a wipe/tissue (would never do this but in middle of field 30 mins walk from anywhere) she said she didnt have any (lying cow!) but a kindly granny gave us a hanky. Spent the rest of the day splattered with blood though!
They do have a website if you want to chc prices.

charliecat · 05/05/2003 20:43

Any idea what the web address is? Lazy me cant be bothered to hunt for it!

miggy · 05/05/2003 20:49

lazy tyke! would have made the kids do that themselves
sorry cant do a link

charliecat · 05/05/2003 21:15

Thanks a lot, nice easy one to remember too Cheers

Mo2 · 05/05/2003 22:09

Interestingly, we 'tossed a coin' today between going to Groombridge or Borde Hill Gardens in sussex, and Borde Hill came up. Had a great day - the 'adventure playground' was great for 3+ I'd say (as well as a small Under 3's bit) and nice walks through the gardens. Tea shop had kids meals and jars/microwave for baby food if you wanted it.
Definitely would recommend it....

Marina · 05/05/2003 22:43

Miggy, what is it with the pig racing? We were there this time last year and ds came out in chickenpox spots EVEN AS WE WATCHED the pigs run round...
That apart we had the most fantastic day and hope to return there soon. Could be the Mumsnet HQ of the South-East...

bossykate · 06/05/2003 07:16

marina, is it true what they re not being able to get a buggy round? if so, is there somewhere to park it? tia.

Marina · 06/05/2003 11:10

We took a buggy bk (just as well as ds was evidently ailing...). We found it hard work in one specific place as there is a steep (short) climb up the side of a hill, but other than that, I would describe it as manageable if a little awkward in places. There were quite a few other buggies around in case you think I must have been completely mad...

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