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can anyone recommend good baby-friendly hotel in bali

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hazlinh · 13/05/2005 06:26

am considering going to bali with dh and 15 mth dd. anyone got any helpful tips or recommendations for hotels which are baby-friendly and nice?

OP posts:

suedonim · 13/05/2005 11:18

You might find something useful in this article. When we lived in Indonesia, we went to Bali twice, staying at Sanur, but we didn't have a baby. From what I could tell, they're not baby-friendly in terms of highchairs, baby changing equipment, car seats etc but they adore babies so much that you'll probably not see much of him/her for the duration of your stay!! It's a wonderful island, paradise on earth.


suedonim · 13/05/2005 11:19

Sorry, that should be 'dd' - missed that first time round!


renaldo · 13/05/2005 11:31

Tha bali hyatt is amazing, stayed there with ds 5 and ds/dd 3 and the kids club was fantastic!


Quacks · 13/05/2005 21:59

Nusa dua beach hotel and sap. Can;t reitterate. They LOVE children!!!!!!! Anywhere, you'll be fine!


Quacks · 13/05/2005 21:59

sorry SPA!

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