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Talk to me about Ibiza.......................with a 3 year old so no clubbing!

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waitingforgodot · 24/05/2009 13:37

Although I am sure he would enjoy a night out in Pacha!
Where are the nice ahem non chavvy places? I know Ibiza is a beautiful island and has some stunning resorts so need advice. Would like a nice beach, nice restaurants, child friendly. Not looking for British pubs, MacDonalds and bingo nights.Can anyone advise?

OP posts:
HappyHome · 26/05/2009 12:48

Quite a few years ago we went to a resort called Cala Llonga. It was pre kids but at the time it struck me as being very family friendly. It was a few years back so it may have changed since then but could be worth looking at. Good luck!

retiredgoth2 · 26/05/2009 12:54

I have taken 3 year old twins (and 2 older) to Ibiza a few years ago.

HATED it. is not child oriented at all

....we went in August, to a supposedly family friendly hotel in Figueretas, and travelled all round the island by car. I'd agree that Cala Llonga is one of the least child-hostile resorts, though....

If you are able to travel slightly out of season I suspect the anti-child bias may not be as prominent, but I wouldn't waste my money when there are alternatives.

Go to Menorca. It is a great place for children...

waitingforgodot · 26/05/2009 13:41

Menorca was our first choice retiredgoth2 but flights alone are £300 quid each! Its the Menorca type vibe we are after though-spanish restaurants and clean beaches but cant afford the flights (from Scotland )
I thought Ibiza might have hidden child friendly parts. Oh well, back to the drawing board. Where else have you been retiredgoth2?

Happyhome thanks for your response. Ibiza is ffast losing its appeal!

OP posts:
austinsmam · 26/05/2009 14:04

We have taken oldest DS when he was only Six Months. And we had no trouble in Ibiza, we did go at end of Sept though, so may be a little quieter than Aug.
We hired a car and went to beaches around the Island and all the places we went were child friendly, including Sa Trinxa on Selinas beach.

Santa Eularia maybe worth checking or any of places further north.

HappyHome · 26/05/2009 15:24

If you can manage to get your flights cheaper then I'd second what Retiredgoth says and try Menorca - its great for kids.

retiredgoth2 · 27/05/2009 14:19 a Newcastle flight do-able for you?

Sleazyjet fly to Menorca from there, around £135 return in July or August (just checked the site, they only fly on Summer Saturdays though)

....other places? Rhodes was ok for children, have been there twice with few problems. Very hot for small ones, though....

waitingforgodot · 27/05/2009 15:30

thanks all. Have been to Greece before kids and loved it. Would prefer the shorter flight though. Thats great re Newcastle and def a possibility. Thanks for that. Will go investigate.

OP posts:
mrsjammi · 27/05/2009 15:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

waitingforgodot · 27/05/2009 15:35

What did you like about it mrs jammi? What time of year did you go

OP posts:
mrsjammi · 27/05/2009 15:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

waitingforgodot · 27/05/2009 15:40

It sounds like its ideal for families outwith the summer hols.

OP posts:
choppychopster · 02/06/2009 11:32

I absolutely love Ibiza! We got married there last year and had a fab time. Had a beautiful villa near San Agustin, but as the kids were all prettyu young 6mths - 2 years they were happy with the pool at the villa or trips to different beaches close by.

Resorts that are good for families: Cala Llonga, Portinax, Santa Eulalia and Puerto San Miguel.

Avoid: Ibiza Town (fantastic, but not many child friendly hotels), Figueretas, San Antonio, Playa den Bossa.

Some useful info on Ibiza Spotlight

Aimsmum · 02/06/2009 12:03

Message withdrawn

waitingforgodot · 03/06/2009 21:21

thanks-will check it out.

OP posts:
Meamomma · 04/06/2009 17:15

I stayed in Hotel Presidente in Portinax, in the north with DD when she was 14 mths.

A small resort with no clubbing! The hotel was lovely, great for kids, really friendly staff.

It was a lovely holiday, if tiring as it was just the 2 of us. The creche saved my sanity!

MrsMattie · 04/06/2009 17:17

Santa Eulalia, Cala Longa, Es Cana, Portinax

Trikken · 04/06/2009 17:45

I went there for my honeymoon too, it was great. Cant wait to go there again. Wish I'd got 'sunshine for you' on cd as it would have a brilliant honeymoon reminder.

waitingforgodot · 04/06/2009 18:18

I saw the hotel presidente in a Thomsons brochure. Portinax looks nice-can you all assure me there are no clubs and its not like Palma Nova coz we hated it there.
Thats all I want to know (not asking much haha!)

OP posts:
waitingforgodot · 04/06/2009 19:09

what is "Sunshine for you"
Not heard of it

OP posts:
notsoteenagemum · 04/06/2009 19:27

We stayed in appartments in San Antonio in september 2002 with two year old dd and it was one of the best holidays ever, there was a reasonable restaurant on site and a nice beach 2 mins walk away and you could get a bus or walk for about 15mins to get into the busier part of town.

There was a lot of British restaurants there but also a lot of local ones.

The last closing party was the day before we arrived so it wasn't full of clubbers although we did go to Cafe Del Mar for a drink one evening and no-one batted an eyelid at dd.

I would avoid the hippy market it was rubbish bar one artists stall and it cost us about 30 quid to get there.
Ibiza town was lovely too.

Trikken · 04/06/2009 20:24

Its a song that all the reps had to dance to when it came on. It was really good, all the children would get up and join them too. I loved all the little markets and remember the first time I went to Ibiza when I stayed in figuretas there were loads of pretty sand scuptures being made. Just ordered 'sunshine for you' took some searching.

waitingforgodot · 04/06/2009 20:27

Aw, thats a nice reminder of your holiday!
Notsoteenagemum-you are very brave and I commend you for staying in San Antonio. We want to go in July so think it would be far too busy and noisy there but thanks for the post.

OP posts:
chatee · 04/06/2009 20:31

portinatx is ideal for you and you will like the hotel presidente been there a few times myself(currently saving like mad in the hope for next year)
the three beaches surrounding the resort are nice shallow bays-ideal for little ones

Aimsmum · 04/06/2009 20:57

Message withdrawn

notsoteenagemum · 05/06/2009 10:54

Just wanted to say thanks waitingforgodot, I've never been commended before!

I'm glad I can say dd's already been when she inevitably wants to go at 15.

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