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shortlet/sublet london summer 2003

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momochan1974 · 25/04/2003 02:02

We are a family of four from the U.S.A looking for temporary housing in London for the summer. My husband is working in London and we would like to join him for our summer holidays. We have two girls 2 and 5. I know there must be a family out there going traveling for the summer? How do I find them? We are looking for a two bedroom flat from end of May through end of August. We like the idea of northwest London. My husband commutes to Watford so any place close to there or on the same rail line would be great... Do you have any leads?

OP posts:
ks · 25/04/2003 08:26

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Message withdrawn

SamboM · 25/04/2003 10:47

Momochan, try or other house swap websites, you may find a family who want to swap with you for the summer. Dh & I did this a couple of years ago and it was great. They also have rentals advertised on the site I think so you may find something there.

SamboM · 25/04/2003 10:50^England^London
Here's the link to the long term exchanges in london

SueW · 25/04/2003 12:28

If you are interested in swapping, you could try the National Childbirth Trust Houseswap Register. It's aimed at people with children under 12 who wish to swap homes for a holiday.

Cost is £25.85pa which will get you three copies of the register and you can join an email group which gives you two-weekly updates of new properties that have been added.

For more information, email [email protected]

National Childbirth Trust is a charity which provides information and support to parents during pregnancy and early parenthood. Their website is here if you want to know more.

SueW · 25/04/2003 12:40

Alternatively you could look for a serviced apartment.

We used a great website when we moved to Australia and needed somewhere to stay whilst we found a place to rent longer-term. Sadly I can't remember the name of the site (well it was almost three years ago!) but a google search should throw up something useful.

Serviced apartment rates tend to equate to hotel rates but are more spacious (although they can use some really cheap furniture in my experience - like the sort of sofas with little in the way of padding). And you don't get the toys and child-friendly touches you get if you move into someone else's home (or the links to trusted babysitters or friendly neighbours or the real lowdown on what's good locally for children).

momochan1974 · 25/04/2003 14:49

Thanks for your advice so far! It is so great to get so many replies so quickly. I just wanted to add that I have been on the loot, chillitree, gum tree and london free exchange, sabbatical homes, we tried the whole house exchange thing but ended up subletting our flat to some one from a local university. Most people just wanted to swap for 2 weeks- month and it did not make sense, also our housing costs in Boston are high too, so we wanted to make sure we broke even here! We couldn't do two mortgages/rents! But keep the advice coming I appreciate it!

OP posts:
SueW · 25/04/2003 19:17

It's unusual to get anything less than a six month lease here because of some property law. Can't remember exactly what it is - no doubt someone will know.

Yu'd prob be best finding someone in a similar position to those you have rented to i.e contact universities in London to see if anyone is likely to be going away for the summer.

Sorry - I missed the bit about mid-May to Aug in your iriginal post.

I know how frustrating this is. My DH takes 3 month contracts in various parts of the world and the worst bit is finding reasonably priced accommodation.

Good luck.

SueW · 25/04/2003 19:17

Sorry for typos

SofiaAmes · 25/04/2003 22:46

Try It's a great website for temp/sublet /longterm housing all over the usa and london.
I might be renting out our house for a few months right around then and it is in nw london. We are moving into our new house, so I wouldn't be interested in swapping, but if you do think you could sublet out your place in boston, and might want to rent our place, let me know.
p.s. it is fully equipped with all sort of american amenities including 110v outlets and american style flushing toilet.

momochan1974 · 26/04/2003 05:20

Hi again.
Thanks SueW for all your advice, I have been looking around today at University web sites. It is hard because I am finding all these leads and then I turn them over to my husband and....

SofiaAmes I am all over craigslist and was so happy to find the London one, I have posted there and I am checking it daily. I use the boston one all the time.... I would be very interested in talking more with you about your place. Will you e-mail me? my hotmail address is [email protected]. We have already sublet our house in Boston, so we are just looking for a short let, not a swap!

OP posts:
momochan1974 · 26/04/2003 05:21

SofiaAmes my hotmail is:
[email protected]
where is my mind?!!?

OP posts:
roberta · 27/04/2003 20:52

Hello momochan
We are planning to be away for July and August and live in Islington North London, five minutes walk from Highbury & Islington station with direct line to Watford and in principal are interested in letting our house. We haven't quite finalised our plans but are fairly certain to be away for the whole 2 months. If you are interested (i know you want somewhere for longer, so it may not appeal) then send me an email via [email protected] and I'll tell you more.

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