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Thanks for the advice

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eidsvold · 23/04/2003 20:34

Just back to the UK after visiting relatives in Australia - dd (almost 9 months) was fabulous on all the flights.

Thanks for the advice about what to pack and how to help her ears on take off and landing.

We did have some jet lag and some tears when we first got there and then back here - think that was just it all catching up with her.

Singapore Airlines were fabulous. Lots of very very friendly helpful staff and facilities and leg room were brilliant.

Bit of a shock landing at Heathrow this morning - bit chilly .

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Gem13 · 23/04/2003 21:04

Good to hear you had a great time. We're off to Italy in a couple of weeks and I'm already trying not to get stressed about the flight. Nothing to do with taking DS on his first flight just my usual jitters!

Trust you had a lovely time introducing DD to your relatives. Must have been hard coming home!

eidsvold · 23/04/2003 21:20

i was like that before we went gem but then a friend reminded me that the other ppl on hte plane were not important to me and I would never see them again. We did have a gentleman move when he saw he was put next to us on one of our flights - having said that dd was brilliant - just upset when we got to my mum's and then home but a long sleep sorted that out.

It was very hard coming back here

OP posts:
Gem13 · 23/04/2003 21:34

I always think that about other people too although... got on a plane once and a very good looking man came and sat next to me. Managed to drop everything while faffing around with my bag, food, magazine, etc. and DH said loudly (while wearing his headphones) after a number of these fumblings 'Just cos you fancy him doesn't mean you need to throw things at him!'. Man smiled while I just died and I had to sit next to him for 7 hours!

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