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Anyone know a website that reviews cruises?

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juniperdewdrop · 28/04/2005 15:56

We're goin on one soon and just wanted to check out what to expect.

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dyzzidi · 28/04/2005 16:48

Could you try ???

Tahts whe website i normally try if you have not used it before its simple Type in you hotel and location (Ship, boat etc) and there is normally lots of ratings put on there from recent visitors who comment very candidly about their experience.

Good luck!


juniperdewdrop · 28/04/2005 16:50

cheers I'll take a look

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tiredemma · 29/04/2005 07:56

try, i think they have a cruise review section.
they also have a forum (not as godd as MNET of course!)


alibo · 29/04/2005 08:47 has a cruise section


bubblerock · 29/04/2005 08:49


juniperdewdrop · 29/04/2005 12:55

thanks all, will take a look at those too.

Read quite a few good reviews about the ship we're going on And a couple of dire ones but they sound a bit suspicious, maybe the competition?

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