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Herefordshire - around Kington

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edgarcat · 21/04/2003 16:37

Message withdrawn

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emsiewill · 21/04/2003 16:44

Symonds Yat is not too far away, I think (1 hour drive? ) - the west side has a maze, "fairytale land", a funfair type thing and a play area with loads of bouncy castles for (when I was there last summer) £2.50 for all day unlimited entry. It's great and was a real hit with my 2 and assorted other cousins. Also on the east side, I think there's boat trips, too.
We once went to an owl sanctuary which I'm sure was near Kington, they had other animals, too.

edgarcat · 21/04/2003 16:49

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Scatterbrain · 22/04/2003 21:46

There's a quite good soft play place called Jungle Mania, down by the station.

Near the swimming pool is an excellent outdoor play area, across the river is a great place for a walk (Castle Green) and they can feed the ducks both on the river and up by the Moat.

codswallop · 01/07/2003 12:58

was just coming on here to put Jungle mania on and there it is - we went last w/e. Will pass on the playgorund news to MIL

marialuisa · 02/07/2003 12:36

Lived in Herefordshire for a while (step dad ex-army), the museum above the library was always fun, it's tiny but has a perspex beehive which my siblings would stare at for ages and you get books after. Symonds Yat West is nasty, the east side where the peregrine falcons are is better, but the road is a bit hairy. There's Pembridge Farm park near kington which is quite nice, also the TFI bowling center is quite child friendly (kids' parties move from jungle mania to there at about Y1 age). Have to say though that Kington is a bit back of beyond (lived near Weobley) so no wonder you get fed up.

codswallop · 02/07/2003 13:34

really - especially when its raining....

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